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Film Review: Josiah (short)

Director:    Kyle Laursen

Cast:    Kevin Dunn (VEEP), Luke Forbes (Crown Heights), Melanie Chandra (Code Black), Mather Zickel (Better Things).

Running Time:    20


Writer-Director Kyle Laursen’s short film JOSIAH examines issues inside the creative process of a casting room, finding unconscious stereotyping and complex power dynamics based on race, class and gender.

The stellar cast includes Kevin Dunn (VEEP), Luke Forbes (Crown Heights), Melanie Chandra (Code Black) and Mather Zickel (Better Things).

This topical film has just been released and is currently in competition at the Palm Springs International ShortFest.

Luke Forbes plays Brandon, a talented young actor who auditions for what might be another stereotypical part in a period television series.

How topical this is right now in the midst of the Black Lives Matter slogan which has captured world attention.  This short, written and directed by Kyle Laursen, skillfully explores the way different people view particular parts of society and shows how seemingly good intentions can be misguided. Brandon must contend with three other perspectives in the room for a role that could actually change his life.

The film is a very polished twenty minutes of surprisingly intense viewing.

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