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Film Review: The Last Ferry From Grass Island (short)

Director:    Linhan Zhang

Cast:    Tai-Bo, Yang Wang, Yee-Yee Yeung

Running Time:    14


A Hong Kong hitman Ah Hoi (Tai-Bo) retires as a fisherman on the peaceful Grass Island. He is looking after his elderly mother Ah Ma (Yee-Yee Yeung). One day, his Chinese apprentice Xiaoma (Yang Wang) turns up to kill her former master before the last ferry departs.

The award-winning Tai-Bo is perfectly cast as the sly, grizzled Ah Hoi and he shows a deal of tenderness towards Ah Ma. There are very sentimental moments.  All eyes are on Ah Hoi as he battles what lies ahead.

This is a very descriptive, well-crafted short film. The cinematography is top class. Things progress slowly and meticulously in the mould of a thriller and it wants you to feel that there is more to come.  Well recommended.

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