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Model Profile – Claire Moretti

We have the pleasure to profile one of Australia’s top international models, Claire Moretti, as her career starts to really take off.

Claire has a compelling look and specialises in lingerie and swimwear.  It has helped gain her important magazine covers and it’s easy to believe that she will be a public favourite, as she keeps in great shape and has a lovely personality.




Q.  What is your family background?

A.  My background is pretty much Australian with a little bit of Italian a long way back. A little bit of Greek as well.

Q.  Did you grow up in your early life wanting to be a model?

A.  I did! I was devastated when i didn’t reach catwalk model height! I used to dress up and parade through the house in my outfits as a child – still do on the odd occasion.

Q.  What have you discovered / learnt from the modelling scene?

A.  A lot. It’s becoming more inclusive which is cool. I’ve really learned that it is as much about hard work & professionalism as it is about looking good.

Q.  Career highlights to date?

A.  I scored the cover of Playboy Portugal this year which was a dream come true! I’ve been lucky to work with some really amazing photographers and artists and model with my friends as well. It’s hard to really pick the best moments!

I was a life model early in my career for Australian Artist and novelist Robin Wallace-Crabbe. Working with Robin really influenced my appreciation for art and I loved working with him.  I have a framed portrait of me on my wall that he gifted me.

Last year (2019) was a good step forward for me. I shot for the cover of US Kandy magazine and also was asked to shoot in celebrating Pride Month in Australia which was very special.  Although 2020 has slowed down to some extent because of coronavirus, I did obtain one notable achievement  –  I am Moll Magazine Australia’s model of the year 2020.

Q.  Favourite hobbies?

A.  I love staying fit and healthy. I also love singing and playing music. Health is a big passion of mine and I love creating and cooking healthy plant based meals and treats.

Q.  Favourite music?

A.  I love anything from Lana Del Rey to Led Zeppelin.

Q.  Favourite films?

A.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Fight Club … I also love all of Quentin Tarantino’s movies

Q.  Beauty tips?

A.  Drink lots of water and ALWAYS wash your make-up off at night.

Q.  What is your fashion sense?

A.  I wear a lot of black.

Q.  What do you feel sexiest wearing?

A.  Expensive lingerie and stockings… or nothing at all.

Q.  Advice for young girls aspiring to be models?

A.  Go for it! But be prepared to work hard!

Q.  What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done?

A.  No comment.

Q.  What’s the funniest pick up line you’ve encountered?

A.  Oh wow, I have a few… but only one comes to mind now – “Is that a ladder in your stocking, or a stairway to heaven?” Ha

Q.  Favourite place visited?

A.  I’d love to travel more once everything opens up. I feel like I haven’t been to my favourite place yet… I do love a deserted beach though…

Q.  Do you have a role model/s?

A.  I find Monica Bellucci inspiring. She was a Bond girl at age 50! Amazing.

Q.  Future ambitions?

A.  To continue modelling and finish my studies. I would also like to try acting one day.



Bust:  88cm

Wait:  62cm

Hips:  88cm


Social Media links

Instagram: @clairemoretti

Twitter: @clairemorettixo

Facebook:  Claire Moretti – Model (page)


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