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Thursday, July 2nd, 2020


Single Release: Hartley – Underwater

Hot on the heels of her unapologetically sultry single “Feel Too Much”, Brisbane alt-pop writer/producer/performer Hartley shares her latest track “Underwater”, co-written with Gossling and co-produced by Perto, “I started writing Underwater in a little studio in Melbourne with Gossling, where we talked about having the realisation that something’s not all you hoped for it to be. I really wanted to apply that feeling to being underwater – something that can either be so peaceful or completely engulfing.” Hartley adds: “… after the session I took the song home and produced it and added allRead More

Single Release: Kita Alexander – I Miss You, I’m Sorry

It’s not easy for many people to admit fault, let alone face it long enough to thoroughly articulate their wrongdoings, flaws and missteps. But with her highly anticipated new single, “I Miss You, I’m Sorry”, Kita Alexander sets out to do exactly this; raw emotion and all. “The song is very truthful, and almost word-for-word, to be honest,” she admits. “I really looked at myself. ‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’ is a reflection of turning inwards rather than pointing the finger at someone else. Because I’ve realised you can’t control anyone orRead More