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Single Release: Kita Alexander – I Miss You, I’m Sorry

It’s not easy for many people to admit fault, let alone face it long enough to thoroughly articulate their wrongdoings, flaws and missteps. But with her highly anticipated new single, “I Miss You, I’m Sorry”, Kita Alexander sets out to do exactly this; raw emotion and all.

“The song is very truthful, and almost word-for-word, to be honest,” she admits. “I really looked at myself. ‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’ is a reflection of turning inwards rather than pointing the finger at someone else. Because I’ve realised you can’t control anyone or anything. You can only control your reactions and your emotions”

“I Miss You, I’m Sorry” is the follow-up to “Against The Water”, and the latest taste of new music to come from Kita since her second EP, ‘Hotel’ (2017). In typical form, the single highlights the Northern NSW-based artist’s sublime talent for articulating the complicated human experience of love, loss and everything in between. This time, it’s fuelled by a newfound curiosity of inquiry and reflection.

Writing this was a real experience for me,” she says of the single, produced by New Zealand’s Josh Fountain (BENEE, MAALA, Paige Foley, Matthew Young), also one of Australian/New Zealand pop’s fastest rising and most in-demand producers. “It was an easy song to write because it came from experience. But it was hard to look in the mirror and realise you messed up. I don’t know if everyone has that epiphany, but on this occasion, I saw my mistakes and flaws.”

Still writing from the same place, one full of emotion and experience, but like the subject matter she so often plays with, these days, Kita’s taking even bigger leaps of the heart. “This is probably also a cheeky, playful side of me that people haven’t seen. It’s just another example of what I can do and how different songs and sounds fit into my world.”

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