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Continuance Pictures launches The CC. Collection

Brisbane/Melbourne/South Korea based production house Continuance Pictures is launching a platform to showcase a series of award winning short film and P.O.C (proof of concept) that have feature or TV series pitches attached.

“There are so many talented filmmakers out there who just need to get their content in the right hands so Continuance are moderating the best shorts that have Feature or TV series potential for the international marketplace” – (David Gim)

The channel is curated by the Continuance development team, also by the same people behind the annual screen writing competition ‘CONTINUE’ short film initiative. Acknowledging the difficult circumstances the screen industry is currently facing, producers at Continuance are starting a channel that only accepts POC’s that are scripted or have a strong creative drive to assure financiers & distributors the outcomes of the project.

“Our goal is to preserve long term vision through our channel and it’s also important for us to stay relevant and provide the pathway that’s going to be helpful for filmmakers to Invision their artistry in tough times like this and we believe Continue Collection will help boost the profile of filmmaker and projects” – David Gim

Channel is featuring POC’s like Grey Bull written and directed by Eddy Bell which won “Best Short” at Melbourne, Sydney, Flickerfest Festivals as well an ADG award and 82 written by Alexei Slater which it was official selector from Raindance 2012, Cornwall Film fest, Macon Film fest and charted at No.1 on iTunes and won BFI filmmaker awards.

Shorts and POCs of this calibre are featured on the channel and every Friday, giving the opportunities to filmmakers to showcase their ability to Continuance’s extended int’l financier and distribution partners including Monster Pictures, Umbrella Entertainment from Australia, and CJ Entertainment from S.Korea, the studio behind the 2020 Oscar best pictures winner Parasite and Voltage Pictures, Ivanhoe Pictures, SK Global and even platforms like Netflix and STAN.

“Our channel will become the bridge to close the gap between the emerging filmmaking talents and studios and distributors who’s been hungry for the next ‘IT’ emerging filmmaking talent, not only in Australia but around the world” says David Gim.

Continuance are welcoming shorts, POC’s, even web series of any age. The only requirement is that the filmmakers have a solid vision for how it will work in the long form. So get cracking on those pitch decks, bibles and scripts.

“As in the movie Moneyball, which details the lack of strategic investment in baseball trades due to the ego from the coaching staff, the calculation of returns in the film industry has long existed through the decision of walking encyclopedias being that of the producer, which is just not accurate or practical. Now streamers are so tight with the information on viewership and for good reason as it provides a substantial model or success, our channel mitigates the risk of investors showing a tangible example of the product and how it may reach wider int’l audience” says Tristan Barr.

Other films that have followed the success of this model:

  • Monster (short)to The Babbadook (feature) directed by Jennifer Kent
  • Cargo (short – feature)directed by Yolanda Ramke & Ben Howling
  • Whiplash (short – feature),directed by Damien Chazelle
  • Lights out (short – feature),directed by David Sandberg
  • The Customer is Always Right (short) to Sin City (Feature),directed by Fran Miller.
  • Jay and Seth Versus the Apocalypse (short) to This is the End (Feature),directed by Evan Goldberg and Jason Stone

Continuance Pictures was formed to develop and commercialise content, which targets markets that are currently under-explored and underrepresented.

Continue Collection will be featuring series of TV pilots and POCs starting from xxx 2020 and any enquiries on featuring your short film or POC on their channel you can email

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