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77th Venice International Film Festival – Corradi Cinema Lounge

The Venice International Film Festival is preparing its 77th edition and Corradi will be present once again this year. A3s is tradition, design and the cinema stars will meet in the Corradi Cinema Lounge, which will welcome journalists, actors and producers from all over the world. In the Corradi area some of the most interesting Italian and international architects will also be present.

This edition will be necessarily different from the past years but the Made in Italy style of Corradi will welcome the activities that will take place in the outdoor Lounge set up in the famous Hotel Ausonia Hungaria.

Three types of structures have been chosen to enhance the outdoor spaces of the Luxury Hotel on the Granviale Santa Maria Elisabetta: the sun sails Defense and Maestrale and the latest creation by Corradi, Imago, in an unusual and surprising combination of colors.

2020 is certainly the year of change and challenges. Corradi has decided to confirm its presence at the 77th International Film Festival because we believe that beauty, art and creativity are important, even in these times when uncertainty drives us to find strength in the most enriching aspects of our culture. This edition will be special, less focused on the glossy world of cinema and more on quality content, an aspect that has always been a distinctive feature of Corradi. It will also be an opportunity for us to revisit the link between Italian design and art, architecture and outdoors in a more intimate way” said Sully Briskomatis, Marketing & Communication Manager at Corradi.

The Venice Film Festival offers the world ten days of elegance, new trends and great cinema. Corradi could not miss it thanks to its Made in Italy design that merges innovation and beauty, creating outdoor spaces where cinema feels like home.

Day 1 images

Luigi Lo Cascio
Adriano Giannini





























Day 2 images

Ester Exposito
Sofia Georgovassili
Christos Nikou



















































Day 3 images

Benoit Magimel















Day 4 images

Francesco Gheghi
Francesca Sofia Novello








































Day 5 images

Romola Garai
Luca Zunic





























Day 6 images


Gia Coppola















Day 7 images

Alice Rohrwacher3


Alessio Boni


Day 8 images


Anna Foglietta


Day 9 images

Luigi Brugnaro















Day 10 images

Jasmine Trinca


Mala Emde

Luisa-Celine Gaffron
Andreas Lust


















Day 11 images

Mirko Frezza and Tullio Sorrentino











Day 12 images

Roberto Cicutto


















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