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EP Release: Mane – Coping Mechanisms

Having already laid strong foundations throughout 2020 with the release of My People’ and ‘Over & Over, Adelaide musician MANE now celebrates the release of her brand new EP, Coping Mechanisms.

A record written to heal, grow and ultimately start anew with, the EP is more than a new chapter for MANE. It is a reflective collection of music that shows her ability to become inspired and creative again after navigating some heavy times outside of music. As such, Coping Mechanisms is just that; an exploration of how to come out the other side with the potential to be stronger than before.

“Coping Mechanisms follows the journey of trying times, mental health and the moments of strength in between. It’s a reminder to myself and to anyone else going through something difficult that we all have the strength in us to overcome hard times and welcome personal growth. I’ve always inherently felt things very deeply and fortunately for the better part of the last 10 years I’ve been able to have an outlet for that in my music – hence the EP title ‘Coping Mechanisms’. I’m so proud of this body of work and I can only hope that it can resonate and help those travelling through a similar chapter of their life” MANE 

Recorded at Shed Studios in Melbourne and produced/mixed by the acclaimed John Castle (Angie McMahon, Hatchie), Coping Mechanisms shines in texture and sonic twists and turns. Her previous single ‘Over & Over’ is a moment of strength; the builds and MANE’s vocals building akin to London Grammar. Then you have songs like ‘Start Again’ and ‘F**king Around’ (co-written with Konstantin Kersting), each examples of the EP’s richness and depth in sound. 

A through-line of the new MANE EP is centred on growing stronger and bettering oneself. As MANE explains of her collaboration with Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe), on her latest single ‘Hold’, she knows herself much better now and treats her capabilities with renewed confidence. “I’ve come to know what I am and am not capable of when I’ve stretched myself thin and despite not wanting to take a break, I’m aware of when it’s in my best interest. I think it’s important to understand that opportunities and people may not hang around for you in those moments, but accepting that and knowing it was the best decision for YOU at the time.” MANE

Since 2018, MANE has become a shining new force in Australian indie music, developing a strong live presence on stages as a headliner and supporting the likes of Matt Corby, Middle Kids and Kingswood. Industry acclaim has seen MANE enjoy playlist success across Spotify and Apple Music, and her national profile has continued to grow, courtesy of well received sets at BIGSOUND, the Big Pineapple and Spin Off festivals. Her music, memorable, and her performance style enigmatic, MANE demonstrates there’s still more of her to get to know.


Friday 11th December

Jive Adelaide

w/ ARIES & My Cherie

Tickets Here

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