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Special message from Christopher Nolan about Tenet

Legendary director Christopher Nolan has recorded a personal message to Victorians that will be shown before his film TENET at IMAX Melbourne, as the theatre has just reopened.

In the message, Nolan congratulates Victorians for their patience and support of cinemas, acknowledging the long wait the state has had to see the film.  

IMAX Melbourne is the only cinema in Australia to have received a message from Nolan and is a recognition of theatre being one of 13 worldwide that will screen TENET on IMAX 1570 Film.

“[1570 Film is} the format that we shot TENET on, so that’s my own personal favourite format for it to be presented in,” Nolan says in the video.  “IMAX Melbourne is one of a very, very small number of theatres in the world where you can experience the film the way I intended it to be seen.”

Exclusive to IMAX Melbourne, sequences filmed with IMAX cameras expand vertically to fill the theatre’s 23m x 32m screen, showing up to 40 per cent more of the frame with unparalleled scale, crispness and depth.

“The personal message from Christopher Nolan makes watching TENET at IMAX Melbourne an even more exceptional experience,” said Richard Morrison, General Manager, IMAX Melbourne.

“It’s a wonderful acknowledgement of Victorians’ hard work across the last couple of months and fantastic to have this support from the international industry as we reopen. We anticipate that this will be a big drawcard in encouraging people to return to theatres.”

Nolan’s message will run before all 1570 sessions of TENET at IMAX Melbourne. Tickets for TENET on IMAX 1570 Film and in IMAX 4K Laser are on sale now and can be purchased at IMAXMELBOURNE.COM.AU.

See the message here.

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