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Film Review: Lassie Come Home

Director:    Hanno Olderdissen

Cast:    Sebastian Bezzel, Anna Maria Muhe, Nico Marischka, Bella Bading, Johann von Bülow, Matthias Habich, Jana Pallaske

Rating:     PG

Running Time:     96

Australian Distributor:    Moving Story Entertainment


Almost eighty years after the premiere of the original, there is now a German version of the famous dog story.  The world collapses for 12-year-old Flo. Because his father loses his job, the family has to move. But the landlord of the new, smaller apartment does not want the dog ​​Lassie there. So the twelve-year-old boy has to part with his darling. 

Lassie comes into the care of Count von Sprengel and his granddaughter Priscilla. Both take Lassie with them to the North Sea, where she soon flees. An adventurous journey across Germany begins for the dog.  It paves an adventurous way back to the little master Flo. This is how the British-American writer Eric Knight wrote it in the late 1930s.
The reinterpretation is gripping for children, but with numerous dramatic stumbling blocks it distracts from the actual conflict and hardly conveys a sense of distance and effort. 

However, this remake, told for the first time in German, proves that Lassie still has that charm and offers an exciting, funny and moving adventure for the whole family. The only shame is that Lassie herself appears a tad too seldom.  This does not detract from the overall atmosphere though. The new film version is feel-good cinema for the whole family.

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