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Single Release: Cherry Glazerr – Rabbit Hole

Cherry Glazerr share a brand new single, titled ‘Rabbit Hole,’ via Secretly Canadian. The track is the band’s first new music since the 2019 single ‘Call Me (feat. Portugal. The Man)’, which followed the release of acclaimed album Stuffed & Ready (“…devastating, deep and multilayered.” 15 Best Rock Albums of 2019 – NPR) earlier in the same year.

‘Rabbit Hole’, and another new single to be released in February 2021, marks an evolution towards a new sound and is the first hint towards a new Cherry Glazerr album to be recorded soon.

It opens with a sample from The Moderations’ ‘All Because Of You,’ before a gripping burst of bass synth brings ‘Rabbit Hole’ to life. From its opening moments, there is an electronic feel, inspired in part by music Clementine Creevy – who fronts Cherry Glazerr – was listening to at the time of writing, including DJ Koze,  Caribou, Yaeji and Kaytranada.

On ‘Rabbit Hole,’ Creevy explains:  “Rabbit Hole is about clawing back my identity. I often find myself acting a certain way to get someone else’s approval. Then it’s hard for me to find myself again. That’s what I was meditating on with this song.” 

Creevy notes that the rootlessness she experienced as a young kid, before she eventually settled permanently in LA during middle school, has been coming up often in her recent songwriting. Says Creevy: “Change and discomfort are something I thrive in but I’ve come to realize that there’s a futility of doing things just to please other people. You can’t sacrifice your true self, it’s just unsustainable. Realizing this has been a big pill to swallow for me but it has given me a wealth of perspective.”

Recording the song, Creevy worked with Jenn Decliveo (HindsBeth DittoPorridge Radio) who “brought a cool, epic grittiness to the song with her layered percussion, background guitar and melodic ideas”. And melodic it is; full of hooks and notably pop-leaning. “I feel like I’m growing into the artist that I’ve always wanted to be”, remarks Creevy on the track, “it feels better than anything to do what you want with your own art”.

‘Rabbit Hole’ by Cherry Glazerr  –  out now on Secretly Canadian via Inertia Music

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