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Single Release: Sheppard – Learning to Fly


This week Sheppard rounds out 12 months of songs with this latest release, which will culminate in the release of their third album, Kaleidoscope Eyes, on February 26.

Featuring driving beats and a sing-along chorus it is the perfect addition to the new year airwaves. Written in Los Angeles with long-time friend Forest Blakk about getting back to wonder and joy in our lives, the song presents a feeling the world has never been needing more than at the end of this turbulent year.

Learning to Fly” is a tune about getting back in touch with our inner child remembering that sense of wonder that we used to feel when the world was new, and figuring out how to get it back,” said George Sheppard. “When does it happen? When did fun and excitement turn into fear and stress? Learning to Fly is all about throwing away the rule book on what life expects of you and to let that inner child inside of you fly. We wanted to give fans a triumphant anthem to close out our year of releases.”

Learning To Fly has achieved over 500,000 streams in a few weeks, proving its popularity.

Throughout the rollercoaster that was this year, Sheppard have continued their global rise from their home base in Brisbane, with their previous single ‘Solid Gold’ being announced as next year’s Olympic theme for the NBC network while here at home the band played in front of their biggest ever audience as over 4 million Australians watched their explosive performance at the AFL Grand Final in October.

With their epic sixteen-track third album just two months away, pre-orders are now available from including exclusive merchandise bundles, pink vinyl, t-shirts and more.



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