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Nina Dobrev Expands Dior Partnership

Nina Dobrev is staying in the Dior family. The actress, who previously served as an ambassador for Dior Beauty, is expanding her relationship with Dior to become a U.S. fragrance ambassador for Maison Christian Dior. In recent years, Dobrev has been a fixture at Dior events, ready-to-wear runway presentations in Paris, the Cannes Film Festival and galas in New York.

She says she’s thrilled to continue working with Dior. “It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, but the reality of joining the family has been even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined,” said Dobrev, who has a strong social media presence with 22.3 million followers on Instagram.

As an ambassador for Maison Christian Dior, Dobrev will “continue to partner with the brand, celebrating the iconic heritage of Dior fragrances, and maintaining the Dior savoir-faire,” the company notes, while supporting in makeup and skincare categories as well. Maison Christian Dior is a collection of fragrances, soaps, candles and creams from Francois Demachy, Dior’s esteemed perfumer. Demachy recently stepped out from behind the scenes to star in a documentary about his work for Dior in Nose.

As for Dobrev, she said the fragrance she often gravitates toward is Balade Sauvage. “It smells like summer caramel. Warm, inviting and mysterious. It’s English translation is ‘a wild ride,’ which is what I want the symphony of my life to smell like.”



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