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Temelli Jewellery has achieved what few others have; they have acquired one of the world’s last known Certified Natural Red Argyle Diamonds.

“This is next-level rare,” James Temelli, Chief Operating Officer said of the coup. “Before this one, I had only seen about four [red diamonds] in real life, and those were at jewellery exhibitions.”

From the initial approach from the Australian investor who was looking to buy one, to receiving the $800,000 sparkler, was a three-month global process.

“It was part of our client’s superannuation strategy,” Mr Temelli explained. “The client approached other jewellers in Australia, but we were the most proactive to move on it and make it happen.”

Persistence and patience were what helped the Collins Street jeweller realise the 0.47 carat red beauty from one of the world’s largest diamond houses.

“We presented it to our client and facilitated the sale,” Mr Temelli said triumphantly.

Globally it is considered extremely rare to even see an Australian Natural Red Argyle Diamond in person let alone be allowed to facilitate a conversation around the purchase of one, he added.

“My estimation is that perhaps less than five remain in Australia, most are immediately purchased sight unseen by world figures like the Sultan of Brunei and worldwide investment brokers and collectors.

“You have to be proactive, if the diamond is in Jerusalem, for instance, you have to find out how to get it to Australia.”

A procurement of this kind is reliant on secure relationships and involves an element of risk. That is why proof of identity, a fixed secured appointment, and payment in advance are always part of any successful deal.

Not only that, but the destination jeweller must also have an impeccable reputation, be safe, secure, trusted, and financially viable.

Said to be ‘absolutely ecstatic with the outcome’, the purchaser of this brilliant red rarity is now in a class of their own. Considering the Argyle Mine in Western Australia ceased operation last November and its final showcase of its rarest diamonds from the final year of operations is being auctioned off later this year, this acquisition is a real boon for Temelli and the diamond investor themselves.

In the past 21 years the price of red diamonds has increased by 500 per cent and the values per carat will only become greater in time.

This incredible sale is yet another glittering example of the call for luxury goods right now.

Temelli not only sources valuable diamonds, it also custom designs jewellery and is open to working with other gem collectors who may be looking to realise their investments just as their most recent client did.

















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