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Single Release: Riiki Reid – Meet U Again

RIIKI REID (formerly RIIKI) has returned to the music scene today with the debut of brand new single “Meet U Again”, a taste of new music set to release throughout 2022.

The undeniably electric single marks the start of a new and exciting era of music for the emerging artist and is a true showcase of her vocal and creative talents. Self-produced, the main hook soars above an intoxicating synth, showcasing RIIKI’s craft for melody.

The accompanying video (directed by Robyn Jordaan) references cult classic film Run Lola Run and sees RIIKI running through streets creating a sense of urgency and longing with fast paced quick cuts. A subtle nod to the Māori myth Pania of The Reef, RIIKI morphs through different parts of her identity with Pania as her alter ego reflected on the buildings and water as she makes her way to the ocean, growing gills on her hands and neck. In the final scene, the ocean merges with the sky and RIIKI becomes one with the two aspects of herself.

Ready to inject a fresh new energy to 2022, RIIKI REID harnesses a bespoke approach to songwriting; channeling various facets of indie-pop and making them her own, drawing inspiration from the likes of DIIV and Bjork.

RIIKI describes the track as the moment find yourself wondering “why” things aren’t the same as they used to be with someone: you reflect on the time you felt closest with them, when you felt you’d made a special connection – perhaps you’ve just met them, and something just felt right.  “Meet U Again” packs a punch; commenting on the intense emotional feeling of wanting to go back in time to enjoy meeting someone for that very first time.

“I hate when things don’t feel the same, and all I want is that tingly and exciting feeling when you first met”, comments RIIKI. “The song is about longing for that, picturing yourself getting to meet each other all over again because it felt so good, fresh and exciting.”

The single has an extra special resonance now, after multiple lockdowns and a trying couple of years testing those special connections – title “Meet U Again” hits home.

“I wrote this song in the first lockdown back in March 2020 nearly two years ago now. It was the song I wrote during that period that actually felt like an internal and emotional release. I wrote the entire song in one afternoon and then it was done, I closed my laptop lid, felt satisfied enough with the feeling of getting it all out that I left it at that, untouched with no need to do anything else with it”.

Having first released music in 2019, listeners were quickly hooked on the RIIKI sound. Her single “High Heights” has had over 2 million streams, while singles “One Day”, “Share Your Luv”, “Good Times(#1 on the Hot NZ Singles Chart) and “In the Momenthave also had streaming, playlist and radio success.

RIIKI REID recently completed arena tour with L.A.B and this April will be joining Budjerah on his Australian tour. Along with her band she has played alongside some of NZ’s biggest names – The Black Seeds, JessB, Katchafire,  and Dave Dobbyn.

Born Raquel Abolins-Reid, the visual elements of her latest project are a nod to her Māori, Samoan and Scottish heritage – with weaving font and a colour palette of blacks, reds and whites. Throughout all creative elements of the project – fashion, font, video, and music – there are contemporary glimpses of the 70s/80s and 90s; all brought together by an exciting artist that will continue to surprise, and who is one to watch.

2022 will see RIIKI at her peak creative prioress – “Meet U Again” is just the beginning for RIIKI REID.

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