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Movie Trailer – Falling for Figaro

Directed by Ben Lewin and starring Danielle Macdonald and Joanna Lumley, Falling for Figaro is a romantic comedy that follows a brilliant young fund manager Millie (Macdonald) as she sets off to chase her lifelong dream to become an opera singer.

Her vocal coach Meghan (Lumley) soon introduces her to the fiercely competitive world of opera singing where the only way to succeed is with a broken heart.


WRITTEN BY: Ben Lewin, Allen Palmer

PRODUCED BY: Philip Wade, Judi Levine, Arabella Page Croft

EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY: Timothy White, John Wade, Sonja Armstrong, Charles Hannah


Falling for Figaro is a romantic comedy set in the brutal world of opera singing competitions. The story unfolds in the tiny Scottish village of Drumbuchan, the home of Meghan Geoffrey-Bishop, a fearsome singing teacher who believes that only with a broken heart can you really learn how to sing. Preparing her two students, Max and Millie, for the same competition, Meghan manipulates their love lives to get the best performance out of them.

CAST: Joanna Lumley, Danielle Macdonald, Hugh Skinner, Gary Lewis, Shazad Latif, Rebecca Benson.

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FALLING FOR FIGARO begins exclusively in Australian cinemas from July 14.

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