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The Collective Original, independent streetwear and men’s jewellery brand dedicated to creating a community that leads and inspires, celebrates its first birthday on Saturday, 23rd of July. One year ago, the influential brand opened for business and uniquely transformed the local creative industry.

Samuel Morison, the founder of the Collective Original, created the label to represent individuals passionate about self-expression. Bringing together like-minded people striving to be great, this community of talented people is ready to take on any challenge.

To mark its first anniversary of being in business, Collective Original is hosting a 3-stage runway show with fellow emerging Melbourne designers, BYOSO and TENNIS by Herve Levine, featuring a unique suit line with high-end fashion influencer Jessy Armani.

With a range of apparel and designs, Melbourne’s most iconic and renowned RNB nightclub in the CBD will be transformed into a fashion runway with free-flowing drinks sponsored by 5PM Beverages and delicious canapes.

Celebrating more than just a first birthday, guests will discover new independent labels and fall in love with the latest collections these designers are about to drop! A night not to be missed by Melbourne’s most fashion-forward socialites.

Venue: Love Machine, 4228A Malvern Rd, Prahran VIC 3181
Date: Friday 23rd of July, 7:30pm


Collective Original was created to represent the individuals passionate about creative self-expression. The Collective brings together like-minded individuals who strive to become something great and know they have the talent, capability and hunger to unlock their full potential. The plan for the next three years is to continue pursuing a speciality in men’s jewellery and classic outerwear, hoping to take outerwear in Australia and New Zealand to new heights by elevating the fashion game through classic looks.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Samuel Morison grew up around music and dance throughout his early years, eventually leading to his professional pursuit of arts. Travelling at such a young age for dance, Sam was inspired by the street culture he witnessed and wanted to bring back his taste and flavour to the streetwear scene.

The goal was to create a community of like-minded individuals striving to be something, whether in the creative industry or otherwise. The creative/entrepreneurial path can be lonely; through Collective Original, Sam has begun the journey to connect individuals and give them a platform to feel surrounded by positivity and enthusiasm for their pursuits.



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