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:: Nathalie Dubois and DPA present the DIAMOND LOUNGE 2006

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

The Pre-Academy Awards Style Retreat (DIAMOND LOUNGE 2006) was held on March 3-4, 2006 on the penthouse floor of the Petersen Automotive Museum, 6060 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. Presented by Nathalie Dubois and DPA, this followed a successful Showtime Style - the pre-Golden Globe Awards event in January.

With a unique blend of high-end products, treatments and designers from around the world, Diamond Lounge 2006 amazed all the attendees. It featured a Fashion Studio, Jewellery & Accessories Lounge, Treatment Spa, and Gift Table.

The Sparkling Lounge featured truly luxurious designs from Italy, Paris, Germany, the Hawaiian Islands, and New York City. Giorgio Visconti, a line of diamond jewellery made in Italy, dazzled celebrity guests with some of the finest diamond jewelry on the planet. Energetix, a staple of DPA’s STYLE retreats, offered rhinestone laden magnet therapy bracelets that look great and offer a wide variety of health benefits. Pink Moon New York showcased their line of clutches and handbags, all bedazzled with crystals, semi-precious stones, and hand painted beads. A favourite of celebrity gift suites, these unique handbags were only available at the Diamond Lounge 2006 pre-Oscar gift suite. In addition to their famous chocolate candles and chocolate vessels, Ting Bling showcased their crystal embellishments for cell phones, iPod’s or anything else.

The Treatment Spa was the hotspot for pre-Oscar pampering. Melrose Avenue nail salon Varnish offered a variety of luxurious nail treatments in addition to a limited edition 24k gold nail polish. Beauty Blender, a make-up application tool designed by celebrity make-up artists, was used during complimentary make-up applications in the Treatment Spa. Lucy B Cosmetics, another favourite of Showtime Style 2006, offered a lip bar featuring lip-glosses and balms made from Australian botanicals. SunFx, an Australian airbrush tanning service, offered complimentary tans, a must have to give a healthy glow on the red carpet. Biotene presented each celebrity attendee with an all-natural mouth care kit. The Love Table, a new feature for the Treatment spa, featured a CD from internationally acclaimed singer Mercedes, as well as an essential oil perfume created by Mercedes called Love Juice.

The Fashion Studio is a work in progress. With many designers currently in negotiation, it is essential to keep an eye out for updates. Diamond Lounge 2006 featured the highly popular Von Dutch lounge. For Diamond Lounge 2006, Von Dutch showcased a line of denim with hand placed crystals and rhinestones - a special edition denim line exclusive to our event. Ogle presented guests with their new line of t-shirts. Finally, Diamond Lounge 2006 proudly presented Nathalie Hinds by Macy Gray, a popular fashion line designed by guest designer and singer Macy Gray. Macy Gray was in attendance to dress the stars during the two days of the event.

This year’s Diamond Lounge 2006 offered a five days stay at the world renowned Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa in addition to a Nikki Beach membership card, worth $6,000. Kumi Kookoon, a line of luxurious silk linens, also presented guests with their fine silk products, and one-of-a-kind swarovski crystal items.

Diamond Lounge 2006 made an unprecedented move in adding an element of charity to the pre-Oscar gift suite. Signature Internationale, world famous for auctioning off photo portraits taken by celebrities to charities, thanked Oscar Nominees and stars photographed by celebrity photographers Roseanna Arquette, and Astrid Munoz, by sending them to the gift room. In a humanitarian outreach project to pamper and appreciate those affected by the war in Iraq, Nathalie Dubois of DPA pampered Pedro Garcia, a soldier wounded by an enemy grenade in November 2005 and Kelly Bolor, a widow whose husband, also named Kelly Bolor, was killed in a downed Black Hawk Helicopter in 2003.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Tatiana Patitz Cathy Shulman, producer of the film Crash, and bracelots from Energetix
Beverly D'Angelo Cathy Shulman at the Lucy B table
Julie Delpy Macy Gray and Beauty Blender
Penny Marshall Macy Gray & Penny Marshall