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:: Showtime Style 2006

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

For the first time in the network’s history, SHOWTIME hosted “SHOWTIME STYLE 2006”, a pre-awards retreat, in celebration of the 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards. Featuring many hot new products and pampering treatments for nominees and other celebrities, this retreat was the perfect way to relax in the days leading up to the Golden Globe Awards. An invitation-only event, “Showtime Style 2006” occurred at the Luxe Hotel penthouse suite in Beverly Hills.

Showtime Style 2006 was a fusion of the elegant and the exotic, offering four distinctive experiences: Treatment Spa, Jewellery & Accessories Lounge, Fashion Studio and Patio of Dreams. This star-studded event dazzled its celebrity invitees with new and exciting designs and products from across the globe. From luxurious silk linens to the premiere of Von Dutch’s new line of cashmere jeans, Showtime Style 2006 had it all. This event is the first of many pre-awards events in 2006 produced by Nathalie Dubois of DPA.

Here are some pictures from Showtime Style 2006.

Photo Credit: Kerstin Alm

Kristen Bell Cathy Shulman
Andrea Bowen Ion Overman

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Daryl Hannah Marla Maple
Melinda Williams

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Philip Bloch Andrea Bowen



Frederic Fekkai: This hairstylist to the stars will be unveiling his newest product, “Protein Rx PM Repair Strengthener,” which will fortify and strengthen for “break-proof hair.”
DermaNew: This Beverly Hills-based company will be offering microdermabrasion and a goodie-bag of products to help resurface the skin and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and even certain skin imperfections.
Varnish: This Melrose Avenue nail salon boasts a funky atmosphere and amazingly unique services.
Borba: This “skin care company of the future” features products that tackle skin care internally.
Xtreme Lashes: Try on these glamorous eyelash extensions for a finishing touch.


Niessing: The innovator of the tension ring, this German jewelry line offers contemporary designs with timelessness and modernity unlike any other.
Energetix: A chic, stylish take on magnet therapy, Energetix allows you to do something good for your body by wearing a beautiful diamond studded magnetic therapy bracelet, necklace, or ring. And for all you pet owners - pamper your pet with an Energetix magnet therapy pet collar or charm.
Fileena: The Hawaiian Islands is home to this celebrity jewellery designer whose edgy designs will be the perfect touch for any Golden Globe outfit.
Goldenbleu: With fun colors like Chardonnay Pearlized or Violet Luster, this handbag designer offers a collection that celebrates “lustre, texture and dimension.”


Maggie Coulombe: Maggie Coulombe will be showcasing her new line from her Maui-based fashion boutique that boasts a slew of celebrity fans.
Snowy Peak: This New Zealand-born company will be unveil its new clothing line, Untouched World, a stylistic endeavor which uses only natural, sustainable materials.
Von Dutch: Von Dutch will premiere two of its new lines at Showtime Style 2006. Its new line of Cashmere Denim is sure to be a celebrity favourite, utilising a unique blend of Cashmere, Merino Wool, and Supima Cotton. Von Dutch will also debut its new line of sunglasses and provide an exciting, energising goodie-bag that will include a top, jeans, sunglasses, and an energy drink.
J Gerard Design Studios: These Red Carpet-worthy gowns will delight the eye with their simple elegant designs.


Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort and LeTahaa Private Island and Spa: Nestled in the Tahitian islands, these resorts are offering stays that will surely provide all of the privacy, luxury, elegance, and simplicity any celebrity may need.
Kumi Kookoon: While on the plane, wrap yourself goodie-back which will include a travel size silk comforter, silk sleep mask, and silk slippers. Kookoon products are made from the finest quality silk which they dub Heaven’s Silk.
Moonsus: This sophisticated collection, which includes fashionable laptop bags and briefcases, is the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality.


Izze: a sparkling juice drink
Volvic: still water
Badoit: sparkling water
Han: vodka
The Margarita King: margaritas