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:: Spotlight :: AMAIÒ Swim 2017 Collection

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

AMAIÒ Swim has debuted new exclusive colours as part of the luxury 2017 collection, a continual expansion of the original 2016 collection. Last year we saw solid earth tones and timeless shades that made the premier colour palette, while this year AMAIÒ Swim has launched the ‘All Black Edition’, selecting the most signature pieces and introducing a new, elevated aesthetic to them.

Inspired by Parisian sensibility, AMAIÒ Swim’s designs are sleek, chic and sophisticated featuring classic silhouettes while adding a hint of elegant navy to embellish some springtime magic. Lines and contouring of each suit are more apparent against the dramatic colour palette, and the architectural feel of each design is combined to create a strong story within this collection’s rendition.

Brand: Amaiò Swim
Size Range: XS-L
Retail: $260-$420
Available for purchase: or