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:: Spotlight :: Designer Spotlight - Tozer

By: Tanja Mrnjaus

Alana Tozer, the flamboyant jewellery designer behind the label Tozer, is often called a “ little minx”. Her only rule is to always be yourself. Alana has been making and creating since she was a child. Her mother is an artist so she believes her creativity has come from her genes. Alana finds inspiration for her jewellery collections through life and daydreams. Her latest Tozer treats are inspired from old typewriters. She fell in love with the intricate details and the odd industrial shapes each individual piece had. Every piece no matter how small is needed for the typewriter to work, without it no love letters could be typed.

Alana started selling jewellery while studying fashion design and enjoys the challenge and satisfaction of running her own business. In due time she would love to expand into other quirky and unique Tozer accessories.

‘In running a small business you have to be the jack of all trades, you never stop learning,’ Alana says. ‘There is nothing better than the natural high of success when you have worked so hard for it!’ she exclaims. A mentor she thinks would definitely come in handy. It would be fantastic to have someone who can give advice and be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the business.

Tozer jewellery is designed for fashion lovers who know how to have a toe tapper of a night. They always stand out in a crowd and don't take themselves too seriously. Alana believes that ‘fashion is meant to be fun, it's a way of expressing yourself!’.

Good Charlotte and Evermore became fans of Tozer while they were on tour in Sydney and have been spotted wearing the Tozer boys range. Alana would love to see Tozer on Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Chloe Sevigny. ‘And, Beyonce because anyone who can shake their booty like that would make her proud to see them sporting Tozer,’ Alana laughs.

Tozer complements fabulous people with style. They appreciate the small things in life and are not afraid to be classed as eccentric. She thinks it's important to find your own individual style that suits the figure God gave you, and not be too influenced by quick trends. She also insists that you can never have too many accessories. Never!

Some tips to keep your jewellery intact: hang your collection from beautiful glasses in your bedroom keeps them safe, lovely and inviting. If you can’t see your little treasures it's very easy to forget to wear them, especially when you have as many as Alana.

Watch out for Alana's favourite Australian fashion magazine Russh featuring the Naughty Porn Cameras 'in their fashion news section and stay tuned for Alana’s new collection, which will be full of special finds from her most recent overseas trip.