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:: Spotlight :: Didit Hediprasetyo - Couture Collection Fall/ Winter 2012-2013

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Didit Hediprasetyo

Mystical night falls and the soul of the orchid surrenders to the contemplative world that floats before her dreaming eyes. Beauties of amusement past once more dance as inherited splendor unravels the tale of exotic luxury and sensible dressing.

The textured ruches in duchesse satin capture with voluptuous softness, the modern essence of a bomber jacket. Delicate pleating of bordeaux silk jersey dresses a corset t-shirt, complementing the soft velvet skirt adorned with a print inspired by the seductive orchid jungle. Traditional songket from Sumatra trimmed with chinchilla fur brings the tulip skirt and deconstructed haori to new heights of tactile allure. Atelier Lesage embroidered amethysts cut in intricate beads and slivers, underlining an organic flow.

Lavender dusk fades into lilac morning, the orchid dream evaporates. The floating world of a floral zone are executed on organza and velvet, featuring the print work designed in collaboration with Calla Haynes. Hats by Philip Treacy compliments as a final touch to Didit Hediprasetyo’s silhouette of the fall/winter 2012 collection.