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:: Spotlight :: Profile on Miss World Australia entrant Erin Holland

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Erin Holland is an all-round, multi-talented performer - singer, model, actress, dancer and presenter. She is vying to become the next Miss World Australia at the end of this month. We took time to find out a little more about her.

Q. What is your family background?

A. I am born and bred in Cairns, in Far North Queensland. I moved away from home alone to Sydney at 17 years of age upon graduating High School to further my education and career. I miss my family (Mum, Dad, little brother Alex and Maxi the dog!) incredibly, and I don't get home as often as I would like to visit, thanks to a hectic work schedule.

Q. Did you grow up in the early teens wanting to be a model?

A. Not exactly! My idols were those on Broadway and West-End, those who could sing dance and act! My parents often remind me of how often how they would find me dressed as a cat (Using all my mother's make-up) learning the dances in “Cats” or singing “Phantom of the Opera” at the top of my lungs along to their "Best of Andrew Lloyd webber CD!! That being said, I did always adore the gorgeous faces wearing such beautiful clothes in magazines… I just never ever thought I might one day be capable of that myself.

Q. How did you get discovered?

A. My starnow profile (one of the big sponsors of the competition) was scouted by Nadasha Zhang, the National Pageant Director and asked to attend the state final interviews. I was asked to sing to demonstrate my talent and then a week later I received the fantastic call from Renae, the Event Organiser, to say I was going to Ayers Rock for the finals!

Q. Are you studying?

A. I graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (on scholarship) with a Bachelor of Music (Performance) Majoring in Classical Voice. I have been working full time in the industry ever since, dividing my time between singing gigs (weddings, national anthems, concerts) modelling (primarily commercial, catwalk, beauty and fashion editorial), TV commercials/appearance and auditioning for professional musicals.

Q. Favourite Hobbies?

A. Apart from the obvious singing and dancing, I am absolutely sports mad! I love watching any sort of live sport, in particular Rugby League, Cricket and Tennis. There is nothing more sacred then Friday Night Football or State of Origin in my household! I am also a fairly decent baker… My friends always beg me for brownies!! I hate playing by the rules though - I never use recipes, but haven't failed yet.

Q. Favourite Music?

A. This is a particularly difficult question for me! I absolutely live and breathe music, having studied it intensely practically my whole life (my father taught me how to play the recorder and read music from 3 years of age). I listen from everything from orchestral works and opera (composers such as Hahn, Debussy, Chopin and Wagner) to the latest tunes on the radio. I am currently having a bit of a love affair with Sydney band The Jezabels at the moment… they're absolutely divine!

Q. Favourite Films?

A. I honestly believe Aladdin may be the greatest movie of all time. Plus anything made by Baz Luhrmann! I've seen Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rouge more times than I can count!

Q. What is your fashion sense?

A. I am very relaxed when it comes to fashion - I get a lot of my clothes from shoots these days so I guess I am pretty on trend… During winter, I love nothing more than slouching around in a simple skinny jeans + over-sized knit + boots ensemble. Comfort is the key! In the warmer months I am very much a dress girl. I am pretty clueless at styling outfits so the less pieces I have to worry about, the better!

Q. Beauty tips?

A. I am very fortunate to have clear skin, but as I have been so busy with shoots all I have to constantly wear layers and layers of make-up! As a result, I have had to really endeavour to look after it as well as I can - absolutely NO going to bed with make-up on and paying particular care to moisturise during the colder months to prevent dry skin. I also got my first set of silk eyelash extensions the other day and completely fell in love! I sense an expensive addiction in the works…

Q. Do you think a man should treat a woman like he does his car?

A. Absolutely. If all men paid attention to a woman the way they care for their child (I mean car), Cadbury wouldn't be the multi-million dollar company it is today.

Q. Favourite Place Visited?

A. Although I haven't travelled overseas so far in my life, there really is no place like home. Particularly when you don't get to see your family so much, nothing beats the beautiful sun, mountains, beach, reef and sorely missed friends family that Cairns has to offer. It is also currently averaging a balmy 26 degrees in Cairns during Winter… what's not to love?!

Q. Do you have any role models?

A. From a career perspective, Kristen Chenoweth has always been an amazing role model of mine: A multi-faceted performer, she was classically trained in opera, delved into a career in musical theatre (probably best known for originating the character “Glinda” from “Wicked” in the Original Broadway Cast of Wicked) before parlaying into TV and Film. She is also incredibly philanthropically inclined, supporting numerous charities including: Altzeimers Associations, Broadway cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Clothes Off our Back and Worldwide Orphans Foundation. I hope to emulate a similar sort of career path to this amazing woman, as I am similarly classically trained in Opera and have always dreamed of a career in musical theatre. I hope one day I may even have half the profile of this incredible woman, and use it to promote the importance of charities such as the the Red Cross and the Cancer Council, both of which I am an avid supporter and donator.

Q. People you've admired generally?

A. I am blessed to be surrounded by the most incredible family, friends and partner. I admire each and everyone one of them for their dedication to their work, personal relationships, compassion and zest for life. Many have overcome serious hardships within their lives, yet their ability to make amends and continue on striving for greatness is simple inspirational. Their support throughout my entire career, and in this moment of the competition is simply overwhelming. I cannot thank them all enough for their overwhelming and unwavering support.

Q. Tell us about your purpose for entering Miss World Australia, and what impact you can make if successful?

A. Although my entry was not in the most conventional of methods, I have completely engrossed myself in preparing myself for what's to come and familiarising myself with what the competition stands for. Any competition that promotes the importance of self-confidence, individuality, compassion, inner-beauty and philanthropy in young women is a remarkable thing, and something I am so proud to be associated with. If successful, I would endeavour to use the profile received to continue to instil within the community how important these values are within today's society. As previously mentioned, I am an avid supporter and blood donor with the Red Cross and would love my next project to revolve around creating awareness about the importance of blood donation - a simple and easy way to make an incredible difference.

Q. Future Ambitions?

A. I yearn to travel: to see and experience the world - something I have not previously had the opportunity to do. I hope to forge a career in the entertainment industry in Australia (particularly in Musical Theatre) and ultimately end up a leading-lady on Broadway or West-End. That would quite literally be a dream come true.

Erin's special charity event this Saturday can be viewed here

Her Facebook profile is available here