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:: Spotlight :: Shaken not stirred with Flamingo Sands

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Some time ago we covered an up-and-coming swimwear brand called Flamingo Sands. Having just won the Victorian Start-up Award, they were on the verge of a breakthrough. Through that, they managed to secure a place to show in the Mercedes Australian Fashion week. Fast forward about six months, and we see Flamingo Sands a landmark that’s here to stay within the Australian fashion scape.

Recently moving their workspace from home, to an elegant space perched above an antique shop the girls of Flamingo Sands are finding themselves in the midst of continuously growing popularity. The duo Nicky Rowsell and Jane Hages bring their eclectic mix of raw sexiness with a quirky undertone. Having been acquainted for some time they decided to pursue their passion for design and creativity - the result being Flamingo Sands. Nicky Rowsell had previously worked within fashion marketing. Jane Hages came from a fashion design background. Their interest in swimwear was provoked by the gap they saw in the high-end swimwear market.

A Flamingo Sands design evokes all the connotations of poolside glamour. Skimpy cuts, fast colours worn with sky-high spiked heels. The designers were drawn to the beaches of Brazil - it’s no wonder that their designs utilise a distinctly Brazilian cut - accentuating and flattering the figure. That’s not to suggest the Flamingo Sands swimwear is made solely for the model thin body. In fact Flamingo Sands is not about a size or age. It’s all about attitude. There is nothing sexier than a woman with confidence and Flamingo Sands sports a distinctly ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it’ attitude.

This season’s current collection, called ‘Casino Royale’, evokes the glitzy glamour and noisy lights of the Gaming halls. The collection is definitely about shaking things up. The unusual mix of snakeskin and paisley prints created from imported fabrics brings a certain kitsch and quirkiness. The collection also introduces luscious colored caftans and some designs for the boys. The girls swear by it. Once you don a Flamingo Sands design you won’t wear anything else. They are crafted both for functionality and fashion.

The quirkiness moves beyond the designs. Everything in a Flamingo Sands swimsuit is thought through. The lining of the bikinis is dotted with magenta flamingoes, the swing tag becomes as pick up card for all those languid poolside drinks. The look book for the season a deck of playing cards each sporting a Flamingo Sands design and playing with the idea of Casino Royale; clever, quirky and camp. The designers explain, ‘We are not about a sophisticated elegance, but rather we play with tongue-in-cheek notions of glamour.’

In the meantime what can expect from Flamingo Sands? Having already secured retail space within some of Australia’s leading boutiques, Cactus Jam and Fat amongst others. Flamingo Sands have broadened their horizons and are now stocked beside other leading fashion players in Selfridges London. The next collection which is already in progress promises more Flamingo Sands sex appeal. Perhaps in the future we may even see more accessories to accompany those poolside martinis.


1 and 2 - Casino Royale
3. Jane and Nicky