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:: Spotlight :: Top Gear

By: Dianne Sarantakos

The modern day male is demanding style, quality and value in their purchases like never before. With that in mind, glamour couple Hawthorn AFL player Trent Croad and fiancé Tanya Stewart have just launched their first range of premium hair care products for men, GEAR Hair Technology.

“Tanya and I started Gear in order to fill a gap we recognised in the market for affordable premium hair products designed specifically for men,” Trent said.

Following the release and success of their first product Gear Hair Pomade nine months ago, Croad and Stewart have developed a premium quality shampoo and conditioner to add to their growing range. Gear Hair Pomade is already being distributed to over 150 stockists nationwide, and the feedback from customers so far has been extremely promising for the pair. Croad and Stewart are currently exporting Gear Hair Technology to New Zealand and hope to establish Gear Hair Technology as a key player in the international market. “All Gear products are, and will continue to be, developed and produced in Australia,” Croad said. Gear is one of the first Australian made exclusive men’s hair care ranges to hit the market and will surely be a huge success internationally.

Gear launched their new 1st Gear shampoo and 2nd Gear conditioner products at Melbourne’s Eve nightclub recently. Lucky invitees were given gift packs to take home with sample products. Croad and Stewart were elated by the response and feedback they received at the launch. Guests were treated to a live styling of Hawthorn football club team mate Jarred Roughead’s hair by close friend and top hair stylist Joey Scandizzo from Rokk Ebony hair salons.

Stewart’s marketing and advertising background has allowed her to develop GEAR into one of the most successful new companies in the male hair product market. “Hairdressers love the products, they are easy to sell, and they get many return customers to repurchase the products,” she said.

Gear plans to extend their range of products to cover all aspects of male grooming. Although there are no immediate plans to develop a female range of hair products, girls can be hopeful that one day a female range will be developed.