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:: Spotlight :: Gisele Bündchen Ipanema Collection in Australia

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

One of the world’s highest profile models, Gisele Bündchen, will visit Australia in October to promote the new Gisele Bündchen Ipanema Collection, a range of footwear that has a social conscience, available in Novo stores. A percentage of proceeds from the Gisele Bündchen Ipanema Collection will go to the Y Ikatu Xingu Campaign.

Translating to “Pure Xingu Water”, the campaign aims to preserve the headwaters of the Xingu Rivers in the Brazilian Amazon, and in doing so, sustaining the surrounding environments and livelihoods of the native people who live on its banks.

Novo has timed Gisele’s first visit to Australia to coincide with the Collection being available in Novo stores from September – perfect for the warmer Aussie weather.The Y Ikatu Xingu Campaign The Xingu River, symbol of the Brazilian socio-economic diversity, is under threat. Deforestation at its headwaters has doubles in the last ten years and many river sources are drying up. This affects the quality of life of 250 thousand people, including 18 Indian villages. Indians, small and large producers, NGOs, researchers and local leaders participate in the Y Ikatu Xingu “Pure Xingu Water” Campaign for the protection and regeneration of its sources and ciliar bush area.

The brand Gisele Bündchen Ipanema encourages this idea and invites you to participate as well. See more here

The Gisele Bündchen Ipanema Collection is now available in Novo stores nationally. The Collection includes four styles at prices ranging from $24.95. For stockist information call 03 9315 1666 or click here

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