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:: Spotlight :: Paris Hilton & the Hollywood Prescription

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

A great new product has hit Australia and it has the strong endorsement of Paris Hilton, who has been appointed as spokesperson of the Hollywood Prescription. For anyone wanting to be like Paris and have healthy-looking lips worthy of the Red Carpet, you need look no further than the Hollywood Prescription Lip Treatment.

The Hollywood Prescription introduces a unique, two-step Lip Treatment comprised of an exfoliant and a serum. Simple and easy, the Step 1 Exfoliant sloughs off dry and dead skin, priming the lips for Step 2, a Serum which conditions and plumps lips. The unique proprietary formulas set The Hollywood Prescription Lip Treatment apart from other “lip plumpers” on the market today.

While other products give the temporary effect of plumping by burning or stinging lips with cinnamon or menthol ingredients, The Hollywood Prescription Lip Treatment actually increases lip volume and moisture by increasing collagen production with a special proprietary formula, while delivering extra benefits to lips.

The Hollywood Prescription is like a shampoo and conditioner for lips. With proper “cleansing” and “conditioning,” your lips can live up to their potential and beyond. The treatment starts with the “shampoo,” a Lip Treatment Exfoliant that cleanses and sloughs off every bit of dead skin with a creamy, pina colada-scented scrub to create ultra-soft, smooth and healthy looking lips. This Exfoliant is applied 2 – 3 times per week to keep lips in top shape. A “conditioner” for lips, the Lip Treatment Serum is a super moisturising gel that doses lips with a proprietary formula. Applied 2-3 times per day, it works to plump up lips to their full potential, as well as enhance your natural lip colour, visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines, protects from UV rays and free radicals. The Serum is also an excellent scent-free, everyday lip gloss that can be used to give lips tons of shine while delivering these benefits.

Combining the science of the cosmeceutical category with the allure of Hollywood glamour, the Hollywood Prescription brings forward a mass market cosmeceutical line for women all over the world. The Lip Treatment is just the first in a range of products dedicated to making women feel glamorous and look beautiful.

Paris Hilton says of the Hollywood Prescription, “I love the Hollywood Prescription so much, I shared it with Nicole (Richie) and my sister Nicky while taping The Simple Life. We were always on the Greyhound Bus and in different cities trying it out. Everyone was like, ‘My lips are really growing.’ When I was little, everyone made fun of my big lips, but now I've grown into them.”

Benefits of the Two-Step Lip Treatment
- enhances natural lip colour by stimulating blood circulation
- increases the size of your lips in as little as 30 days
- visibly reduces unattractive wrinkles and fine lines
- naturally stimulates collagen production in your lips
- instantly smoothes and soften your lips
- it is a pain free alternative solution to collagen injections
- you can use the Hollywood Prescription as often as you like with NO side effects
- The Hollywood Prescription is NEVER tested on animals

The Hollywood Prescription Lip Treatment has just been launched in Australia. It’s not in stores and is only available for purchase through the official website or by telephone on 1300 139 411. The price of the product in Australia is $79.95.


We had the opportunity to have a brief Q & A with Paris Hilton who is a great supporter of The Hollywood Prescription. Here's what she says about it in line with her method of keeping beautiful.

Q. Many high-profile people have undertaken cosmetic surgery to enhance their features and look glamorous. How have you seen the impact of The Hollywood Prescription in your travels?

A. All my friends use The Hollywood Prescription. It's the hottest thing for lips in Hollywood right now because it keeps your lips in great shape. I got a sample of it when we were shooting The Simple Life and I loved it. So, I got involved and haven't stopped using it since.

Q. You've written about the Do's and Don't's in being an heiress. Will you one day write about “Essential Beauty Tips Of An Heiress”?

A. I'll tell you right now…this is what I do as a daily beauty regime.

LIPS - The most important feature on your face is your lips. Change your lipstick colour often and make sure your lips are always moist and healthy. Nothing works better than using The Hollywood Prescription Two-Step Lip Treatment every day to achieve beautiful, healthy looking lips.

CLEANSE - Always wash your make-up off before going to sleep. If you don't, your skin will not be able to breathe properly and this can cause blemishes. It only takes a couple of minutes. After a hard of work or a night on the town, I always make sure to remove my make-up.

EYE CREAM - It's never too late to start using eye cream. The sensitive skin around eyes needs extra protection to help prevent fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. It will also make you look more refreshed during the day.

SUNBLOCK - Always wear SPF during the day. The sun has harmful rays that can cause premature ageing and cancer. The Los Angeles sun is always shining, so I make sure not to leave the house without it on. Even if you don't live in Hollywood you should always apply SPF.

EXFOLIATE - It is important to exfoliate your face twice a week. This removes dead skin cells that can build up and clog pores. Be sure to use a gentle exfoliant however, so as not to irritate skin. I like to follow this up by using a lightweight moisturiser.

HAIR - Change your hair style and look often. It keeps you interesting and makes you stand out.

Q. What other products are you looking to promote in the Hollywood Prescription range?

A. The Hollywood Prescription is going to be so hot in 2006. There will be a full range of lip care products including glosses, balms plumpers and other surprises.

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