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:: Spotlight :: Retail battle over rights to The Hollywood Prescription

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

A fascinating struggle for ascendancy has been playing out in the struggle between two of the country's largest retailers. Myer and David Jones have battled long and hard to bring the best merchandise to each other's stores. Perceptions of a faltering public presence and lowering Myer standards surely have caused concerns within the company's management

We've been able to gauge the level of competence between the two organisations just in the different manner in which they support this publication. David Jones has been very proactive in seeking promotion of their brands with their strong marketing campaigns and using high-profile celebrities to endorse brands and products.

Amongst those that have had an association with David Jones in recent times are Megan Gale (she has been their ambassador for several seasons), Ian Thorpe, Elizabeth Hurley (here in 2005 for her Beach collection), Tina Arena, Guy Sebastian, Marcia Hines, and Gai & Kate Waterhouse.

The latest “battle” concerns the exclusive rights for the Hollywood Prescription Lip Treatment, which is endorsed by Paris Hilton. David Jones has strived to cut deep into Myer's woes in an attempt to win the brand, whilst Myer is trying valiantly to reclaim its status as the retail leader.

As it transpired, no exclusivity has been granted and the Hollywood Prescription products will be stocked by both David Jones and Myer, with its “major” stores gaining first rights at this stage.

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