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:: Spotlight :: Ingram Shirts - A new service

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

You often read about what women want in terms of fashion styles - be it the latest sexiest clothing, or the trendiest hairstyle. Well, here is something at the service of the professional man looking for comfort in shirts. One personalised shirting brand has done something to make their product range very desirable.

Italy’s acclaimed Inghirami Group, founded by Fabio Inghirami in 1949, has extended its Ingram shirts range by developing its ‘A Misura’ or ‘made-to-measure’ shirts for the new-age man. The benefits are that of a superior fit to anything else. The company’s production techniques bring out the best in quality and it means these shirts stand the test of time. The ‘A Misura’ shirts are available in an extensive range of fabrics, colours, cuffs, sleaves, patterns, etc.

The personalised service has been a great marketing move by the Inghirami Group and their Australia/Asia General Manager, Francesco Pasquetti came to Melbourne to introduce the shirts as well as the new Cottonstir shirt – Italy’s highest selling 1005 cotton, non-iron, non-creasing shirt since 1996. Francesco was visiting Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Perth and New Zealand, before heading to Asia. From doing a marketing and business course in the USA, he specialised in international marketing in the Italian Trade Commission in Seattle. He then started with Inghirami two years ago, beginning as Marketing Manager in China before his latest appointment, taking into particular account the markets in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Shanghai. He is now based in Shanghai.

He spoke highly of the Ingram shirts. “The quality of the Ingram shirt is very high and particular care is taken. The non-wrinkle shirt is very unique and popular with the professional man in Italy. Now, we’re launching this new service for the customer – a made-to-measure shirt where we can offer a wide range of parts to the shirt and offer the customer the style they want. It’s good for a big or sort man, and you can match particular styles.”

I ask him about whether the Ingram shirt can make an impact in Australia. “Australian fashion is suitable for us to expand our products. It’s a good match for Australian customers and Ingram shirts. We’ve been looking to grow into other markets, starting to have clients in Eastern Europe and South America also. Australia is a new market and I am confident that the made-to-measure shirt and the non-wrinkle shirt, being very affordable and top quality, will do well”, Francesco stated.

Look for Ingram shirts at Henry Bucks stores in Melbourne and Sydney.

‘A Misura’ shirts retail from $325.00
‘Cottonstir’ shirts retail from $295.00.