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:: Spotlight :: The season’s must have indulgence - Leonard Street Clothing

By: Renee Stekel

For years London has been embracing our talented and creative Australians pursuing their dreams. The eclectic city inspires their passions and helps deliver Australian results with a certain UK/Euro twist. Amanda McCarthy, innovator of Leonard Street clothing, is no exception.

Amanda named her fashion design company after an old London address which inspired her first collection. A perusal of the latest Autumn/Winter 2006 range shows the results of such a multihued background. A definite iconic edge to the individual pieces, the wearer would feel at home in an exclusive glamour fuelled setting as they would lunching and dining out with friends.

The Autumn/Winter ’06 collection holds true to the designer's Australian origins mixed with the spices of an international edge. This season’s London colour hues maintain a dominance throughout her pieces. Rich velvety fabrics and bold colours such as the ‘oh so London’ teal, peacock blue, burgundy, mauve and tan continue the Australian designer's touch of international flair. The pieces themselves give the individual a sophisticated sense of style with a high attention placed on bold shapes and cuts, without losing that relaxed, casual Australian edge.

With a degree in Fine Art, Amanda has given her latest collection a tailored feel with several military style pieces and her own take on the ‘Kate Moss London chic’ waist coat. The collection, which can be seen at the clothing range's slick new website exhibits true style and personality which can only come from a designer's broad life experience in the creative industry spanning continents.

For this season’s latest polished and pulled together look, the structural shapes of Leonard Street’s jackets mixed with the romantic softness of the blouses and divine teal dress in the collection make for a perfectly balanced match. Friday, March 3 will see Leonard Street take to the runway in the New Generation Independent Designer Parade, as part of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. A full stocklist of the label can also be found at the company’s website however über chic stores such as all Fat boutiques and Moji on Chapel Street stock the designs.

For effortless chic and a definite ageless appeal, Leonard Street clothing seems to be hitting the mark with its balance of international sophistication and Australian confidence.

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