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:: Spotlight :: A look at the Sisnme label

By: Annabel Ross

One of the stylish fashion labels on show at the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2006 was Sisnme. Their Autumn/Winter collection show was part of the L'Oreal Paris Runway 5 at Waterfront City. Our reporter Annabel Ross had the opportunity to talk to the label creators, Eliza and Annabelle Peters.

As the Sisnme label approaches its fourth birthday, Eliza and Annabelle Peters have good reason to celebrate. Their star has only continued to rise over the years, with stylish young girls from all over the country hankering after the sisters’ fresh, fun designs. After their third year at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, this autumn/winter collection is looking like their most exciting to date, with influences as diverse as Alice in Wonderland and the earthy Australian landscape (in keeping with the Commonwealth Games theme).

The girls’ favourite pieces from the autumn/winter range include the cute and versatile denim vest with a soft rabbit fur trim and the ‘Alice’ dress, a colourful and dreamy chiffon creation in this season’s hot primary colours. Other winning pieces include the black tracksuit with the trademark crest logo emblazoned on the back in bright orange and the ‘Audrey’ bell-shaped coat/dress in a vibrant patchwork design. This season it’s all about clashing bold colours and mismatching patterns and prints at Sisnme, with the autumn/winter collection boasting a distinctly feminine edge.

Eliza and Annabelle have a love/hate relationship with winter in Melbourne; on the one hand the unexpected weather conditions can make choosing what to wear a pain, but fortunately, much of the Sisnme collection is transeasonal enough to be worn on both warmer and colder days. Winter also functions as a motivator for the girls to work - they’re happy to stay in the office on a rainy day!

As for what’s going to be big this winter, the girls predict long boots, big bags and flowy dresses to dominate the fashion scene. Essential accessories include military caps and short leather gloves as well as the return of that winter stalwart; the Paddington bear-style duffle coat.

If the girls could dress just one celebrity, it would be the trend-setting Sienna Miller. Not only does she “look great in just about everything she wears, young girls love to copy her look, so if she was wearing some of our stuff it would be great publicity for the label” say Eliza and Annabelle.

As for the girls’ own favourite designers, internationally, Eliza loves the Stella McCartney label whilst Annabelle is a fan of Marc Jacobs’ work. On the home front, the girls cite Alannah Hill as an inspiration, “having worked very hard to get where she is and maintaining a strong presence over the years.” The Peters sisters also love Metallicus for great basics and Sportsgirl for the latest trends first. Sisnme is producing an exclusive range for Sportsgirl, due to hit stores in March.

The jewellery seen on the adorning models at the Sisnme show is by the coveted Egg and Bam label, whilst shoes are provided by the ever-stylish Mogil. Word of warning - you will fall in love with the current collection. Paying off that Visa debt can wait!