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:: Spotlight :: L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2007 - L’Oréal Paris Runway 7

By: Carmine Pascuzzi; photos by Jess Lo

This was the first ever appearance at the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival by internationally-known Sydney label sass & bide. The label was to fill an entire show as the finale to a hectic week. I think the short film and operatic singing performance, which opened the proceedings, were too long in setting the scene. Guests had to wait quite some time before the first model walked the catwalk. They tyried to make it a lavish spectacle but it wore thin after a short while.

When we did see the clothes, we saw what the label has been accustomed to, and how successful they've proved to be. Much of the collection comprised skinny-leg denim jeans, overalls, mini-skirts, tight shorts. There were various washes for the denim on show.

Apart from that, some other impressive fabrics were offered, including cream, charcoal, check, all displayed in flirty attire. There was a good mix of t-shirts - some with sequinned logos and slogans. We witnessed a European flair with chic berets and black and cream dresses in very classic style. The leg wear also shows itself to be an important part of sass & bide's look, complete with over-the-knee socks, gold metallic knee-high legging styles, and various other patterns.

It was an opportunity for observers to see more behind the reputation that has preceded it before. Great credit to Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton for what they've achieved. We wish Heidi the very best in her battle with cancer.