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:: Spotlight :: LMFF 2010 - Renegades at Malvern Town Hall

By: Carmine Pascuzzi; pictures by Lucas Dawson

The Renegades Fashion Collection was always going to reveal a breath of fresh air because the nature of these labels meant the audience was going to see something strong. It was backed with an energetic soundtrack.

It was a club-like atmosphere as Malvern Town Hall really turned it on for the cutting edge designers. After a rocking song from Le Le (Dirty Laundry) and two kilted dancers, the parade opened with a bespectacled model wearing a beige suit, carrying an attaché case. What, a rebellious well-suited accountant!

From Britten’s menswear is razor sharp in its cut and the the versatility showed. It was a suitably subtle collection with stringed scarfs and fly-fronted shirts. Light fabrics were evident.

Vanguard comes from Brisbane and they displayed some bold garments. Their array of jackets added up to a streetwise collection of casual pieces with a detailed edge.

Rufus Green marries the classy suits with effective street wear. The hooded suit jacket was noticeable - there are many in the collection of different sizes and fabrics. A hood for all occasions. He has a great line of printed tees - understated and sophisticated.

Luela added a feminine touch to the evening with a range of delicate dresses in demure cream and black. There were simple modern cuts and styles.

Twitchett & Tonge embraced 80s glamour with metallic knitwear dresses and extremely bright tights. Bold patterns and glittering detail dominated the parade.

Chocolate City showed super high-cut jeans that were a standout feature as well as luxe velvet dresses and cropped jackets.

Stevie ended the parade on a high note as models took to the runway with an energetic dance routine. Metallics ruled the range in purple, blue, silver and black.

Chocolate City
Chocolate City
From Britten
Rufus Green
Twitchett & Tonge