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:: Spotlight :: LMFF 2010 - Style Salon

By: Carmine Pascuzzi; pictures by Lucas Dawson

Style Salon, Fashion Collection 5, was held at the Malvern Town Hall on Saturday morning, March 20. The labels on show showed a relentless spirit and have established a strong identity. Lisa Taranto’s collection had a modern and elegant take on a tribal theme that created a sophisticated, yet daring, look. In between the women's fashions, Hemden menswear appeared throughout and it provided a range of dashing, classic suits with unusual coloured touches. A display of grey suits were paired with fragments of purple – shirts, ties and scarfs – all encompassing looks that will last for decades to come.

Jenny Hoo delivered with a very wearable, elegant collection. She brought an individual compilation for the fashion savvy working woman, largely focusing on tailored and straight cut pieces. Ladies suit jackets were given a creative entity by using green and lime colours. The bold prints gave us a refreshing break from the black that we'd seen all too often. Lisa Barron was specific in describing her meaning of style - “strength of character and effortless panache… a woman like Nicky Buckley”. Indeed, the former television presenter, a long time friend of Lisa, took to the catwalk in a basic figure-hugging black knee length dress with a flirty feathered hem. Lisa's evening wear was of top quality. Basic black dresses were embellished with sheer lace hems that changed simple designs into sultry ones. We saw slinky lingerie dresses, feathery details and disc-cut sequins.

M Line had a collection intended to be “confident, edgy, curvy, modern” with “detail that makes a statement”. The label used “real” women in their show in a move bound to please a demographic not limited to skinny young women. This seemed an appropriate move to showcase a collection of everyday style for curvy women. A relative newcomer to the fashion arena, M Line delivered a youthful, style conscious fashion with an attention to fit women in sizes 12-24.

Decjuba captured the 1980s with a range of layered and metallic styles that were captivating. The Ark Clothing introduced an accessible and practical line for everyday women. The blend of jackets in taffeta in shades of grey and metallics. It may be a real attraction this winter.

Red dominated the collection by Rajat K Tangri, one of fun and bright mini dresses, with one full-length sweeping red gown creating a particular stir. Red and black took centre stage with a collection of lipstick red sequined and bra-cupped dresses. Connie Simonetti finished the show with the “beauty, luxurious sensuality” and “engaging elegance” every bride looks for in a designer. As her specialty being bridal, the gowns swept the floor with trailing hems of flowing white and beaded bodices for a traditional silhouette. Layered lines introduced a modern element to the collection before layers and layers of ruffles closed the show with a gorgeous look.

Jenny Hoo
Decjuba Rajat K Tangri
Rajat K Tangri
M Line
Lisa Taranto
The Ark
The Ark Lisa Barron
Lisa Barron
Connie Simonetti