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:: Spotlight :: 2009 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival - Fashion Collections Five - Malvern Town Hall

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

On a beautiful Saturday morning, the High Tea on High Fashion Collections Five was presented at the Malvern Town Hall. It brought many of the locals for a fashion get-together, and the parade highlighted the High Street precinct’s fabulous fashion and showcase autumn/winter collections. Afterwards guests were able to partake in the in-store experiences of High Street Armadale with a host of fashion-related activity up and down the strip.

The designers on show for the final Fashion Collections runway parade were Baccini & Hill, Dizingof, Hemden, Lisa Barron, Pink Zebra, Sophie Lui, Woodford & Co. It was very successful and the ladies made the effort to dress classily for a Saturday morning. They really enjoyed the occasion.

Baccini & Hill
Woodford & Co.
Pink Zebra
Dizingof Sophie Lui
Sophie Lui
Sophie Lui Lisa Barron
Lisa Barron