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:: Spotlight :: 2009 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival - L'Oreal Paris Runway 2

By: Carmine Pascuzzi; photos by Matt Deller

**L'Oreal Paris Runway 2 report**

Yeojin Bae has emerged as one of Melbourne's innovative designers. She opened this show with a flowery black and white piece. Her designs have a structured look, giving enough sparkle and glamour for that special occasion, in particular. Camilla & Marc showcased a simple and effective collection that still contain a flirty feel - the leggings, oversized jackets, and some of the night's most feminine creations. Gorman knows how to set up a wearable collection with glorious leather pieces. There was much bright, colourful fun in the range and dresses made in eco-friendly material. Accessories serve well with the Gorman designs.

Akira's quietly spoken demeanor translates into a series of soft silhouettes, of silk and cotton. He brought his unique touch and flavours to the parade. There are the floaty full-length gowns, the shapely jackets with their own elegant style, and the generally artistic touches. Vixen demonstrated a mature range of interesting prints. There was a slight change of emphasis from the traditional Vixen outlook, with a more punkish attitude - velvet capes and purple patterned leggings.

The dark intensity of Dhini resonated through the collection of skirts, tops and dresses, though with splashes of glam. Lots of black and blue in a theatrical display - notably in the high-buttoned necklines. T.L.Wood had a varied collection of pants, blazers, dresses & skirts and they are very wearable for business and pleasure. Very sexy vests and tights in a well tailored and charming collection.

Yeojin Bae
Yeojin Bae
Yeojin Bae Vixen
Gorman T.L.Wood
camilla and marc
camilla and marc Akira