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:: Spotlight :: L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival - Target Rocks Red Market Show 2

By: Maraika van Wessem

After the high glamour and serious style of the past week’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week Shows, Target’s 100% Electric Show was a refreshing way to finish the festival, especially on a beautiful Melbourne Sunday afternoon. Tiny tots, Mum’s and of course the extremely fashion savvy teens perched runway-side for an afternoon of entertainment which included the highly energetic Target dancers, BMX bike tricks and astounding acrobatics.

Highlights included a BMX bike rider who rode down the runway at breakneck speed and then leapt off the end and disappeared out the door, and the clever acrobats who managed to stay on the catwalk without mishap. The models were extremely upbeat with smiles and plenty of waves to the audience. There was not a sour pout or a starving model in sight, which was a lovely fit for this family brand.

The show displayed the best Winter offerings for Target’s youth brands including: Free Fusion, Hot Options and its men’s youth label, Maxxall set to the high voltage tunes of Australia’s leading DJ John Course.

Beautiful women’s tailored Winter jackets in mustard yellow and red, stood out as an extremely practical offering for young Melbourne women this Winter. Cute short shorts and practical work attire in red and blue also caught the eye. For the ladies, there were mini dressed paired paired with coloured opaque hosiery, with hues of fuchsia, purple and black, while the men looked countrified in their checked pants and gum boots.

The parade was certainly a great family day out, with many smiles from the young fashionistas all round. Their budgets may be Target sized today, but there’s no doubting this collection of stylish youngsters will be the next generation of designer obsessed young men and women in just a couple of years time.