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:: Spotlight :: Mercedes Australian Fashion Week - October 2004 - Vicious Threads

By: Jess Lo / Carmine Pascuzzi

Vicious Threads is evolving to a whole new level with the introduction of its Gold Needle Collection. So it was, at a shed at Melbourne Docklands, that Vicious Threads presented its autumn/winter 2005 collection. The loud, pumping music that accompanied the parade was augmented by the live performances of singers Kate Alexa and Jade Macrae. It was more than just a fashion parade.

Presented as a separate compilation, Gold Needle Collections’ key elements include imported Italian leathers, pure silks, Italian wools and hand beading and embroidery designed and developed exclusively for the range.

The Gold Needle Collection is an elaborate development for Vicious Threads that displays beauty and strength through its American Indian-inspired designs. The intricate fabrics and highly developed couture techniques are destined to be remembered as the signature of the Gold Needle Collection.

Just like its customers, Vicious Threads continues to grow and mature in style and design, with an ongoing respect for its denim heritage. The brand is complemented by the introduction of the Gold Needle Collection which explores new territory for the brand for the brand to continue to strengthen in the future.

Kate Alexa opened the show Jade Macrae showed her singing style too