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:: Spotlight :: Mind Body Spirit Festival - Melbourne 2007

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

We all want to be healthy and happy – find out how at the 2007 Mind Body Spirit Festival. Whether you’re looking for information or inspiration, inner peace or mental stimulation, the latest in holistic health and fitness, or just want to know what’s out there the Mind Body Spirit Festival is for you!

Discover therapies to conquer stress and anxiety, improve your mental performance and memory, strengthen your will power, bolster your confidence and self-esteem and even develop your psychic sixth sense. The Mind Body Spirit Festival has it all under the one roof!

Shake your chakra with an array of physical activities for everybody! Get glowing with reflexology massage, iridology assessment, organic wines and chocolates, exotic tonics and detox elixirs and much, much more! Set your own pace with slow and steady yoga, energising laughter exercise, fiery drumming or sizzling tantric sex tips.

Open your heart and mind and let your spirit soar! The Mind Body Spirit Festival will introduce you to techniques for achieving self-love, personal motivation and optimism, enjoyment of rich and rewarding relationships with loved ones, career fulfilment and achievement of a healthy work-life balance.

Visit the Festival’s extensive Lecture & Workshop Program and The Speakers Café to hear an inspiring line-up of more than 40 guest speakers who will share their international and Australian expertise and insight on the latest therapies and thinking, self-development practices, spiritual matters and general health and wellbeing.

Learn how to love yourself, practise meditation at home, shed unwanted kilos, develop your psychic abilities, attract wealth, find your dream partner, increase your fertility and express yourself through ethnic dance to name just a few!

With over 40 free seminars to choose from, total happiness and well-being are at your fingertips! Be entertained and inspired by the stunning array of live shows on the popular Demonstration & Performance Stage throughout the day. Kick start your day with laughter therapy, be amazed by psychic spirit whispering, spellbound by Cherokee storytelling dance and uplifted by vibrant gypsy belly dancers throughout the day. Or, if predications are what you’re after, then the Psychic Reading Room is the place for you with over 60 of Australia’s most reputable psychics, clairvoyants and spiritualists in the one room.

Those looking for a moment to relax and find inner peace or just put your feet up will enjoy the Mediation & Positive Thinking Centre. Half hour sessions offer newcomers the chance to learn about and experience meditation, unwind, re-emerge refreshed and optimistic.

As Australia’s largest exhibition of healthy living – with more than 180 exhibitors - you will find an extensive and eclectic mix of progressive therapies, alternative and organic products, healthy living options, fitness and self-development practices as well as endless other ideas to experience and enjoy.

Mind Body Spirit Festival:
November 23-25 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre
Opening times: 10.00am - 7.00pm daily
Cost: Adults - $15 / Students - $13 / U14 - free

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