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:: Spotlight :: Model Profile - Danielle Sheehan

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

It's a great feeling to present a profile on a young woman who has battled hard in her efforts to achieve her career goals. Danielle Sheehan is one very determined and passionate person. From being a participant in the British series of The Bachelor to attaining a national diploma in Performing Arts - Dance, Danielle has kept busy with lots of modelling and also performing as a tattooed fire breather glamour model across the UK. She is looking to expand her talent into television and film work and we were fortunate to grab some of her time for this feature profile.

Q. What is your family background?

A. I grew up with my parents and brother in Norwich, England? Had a great up-bringing but sadly my parents split last year. They still remain friends.

Q. Did you grow up in your early teens wanting to be a model?

A. I always wanted to model. I knew I was never going to be a fashion model because I didn't have the build. I thought I would go more down the glamour route.

Q. What have you discovered / learnt from the modelling scene?

A. That it's really, really hard work and you have to be patient and persistent.

Q. Career highlights to date?

A. Nuts magazine feature was a good one which I did after I appeared on the TV programme ‘The Bachelor’, and also getting the cover of the Daily Star.

Q. Favourite hobbies?

A. I like to keep fit. I like running & taking my chihuahua for walks! I also do fire shows which is great fun.

Q. Favourite music?

A. I like house. I spent five months in Ibiza last year. That's what's mainly on my playlists.

Q. Favourite films?

A. I love all sorts of films. I would say my favourites are Snatch, Bridesmaids & The Lion King.

Q. What is your fashion sense?

A. I dress down quite a lot. I'm always in my fluffy Parker coat. Some Gothic type heels from Top Shop. I'm loving the 1990's black choker necklaces at the moment too.

Q. Beauty tips?

A. Don't wear too much make up or tan - it never looks good! I'm really into contouring. I'm also a fan of semi permanent make-up.

Q. Advice for young girls aspiring to be models?

A. Be persistent and patient but also don't be deluded. I see a lot of girls getting tattoos because they want to be tattoo models. It's harder than you think and you are tattooed for life.

Q. Do you think a man should treat a woman like he does his car?

A. Yes, if they look after their car, drive fast & spend money on making them look nice!

Q. Favourite place visited?

A. Ibiza - by far the best place in the world!

Q. Do you have a role model/s?

A. Arabella Drummond is a role model for me, she's a tattooed goddess!

Q. People you've admired generally?

A. My mum. She's very hardworking and nothing brings her down. She always has great spirit.

Q. Future ambitions?

A. To carry on fire performing, to do my semi permanent make-up course & to travel a bit more.

Danielle has a stunning 2015 Calendar which can be ordered here

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Height 5'6"
Bust 34DD
Hair colour: Brown
Dress Size: 8 - 10
Shoe size: 5.0 UK /6.5 US / 38.0 Euro
Eye colour: Blue