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:: Spotlight :: Model Profile - Sarah Maria Paul

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Sarah Maria Paul is a professional model and actress based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has worked for approximately six years and she has appeared in calendars, print magazines, online magazines, books, and advertisements internationally. Sarah’s portfolio and experience ranges from exceptionally sexy to sweet and wholesome. She is available for glamour, boudoir, bikini, fitness, print, commercial work, casting calls and commissions.

Sarah displays great charm and ambition. She has been extremely busy gracing magazine covers in the last twelve months, amongst other projects, and I feel as though the sky is the limit for this American-based beauty.

Q & A

Q. What is your family background?

A. My father’s family is Filipino and my mother’s family is European.

Q. Did you grow up in your early teens wanting to be a model?

A. No, I never even thought about it until my early 20's.

Q. What have you discovered/learned from the modelling scene?

A. I have learned that it is more important to be true to yourself and be who you are than to be someone just looking to fit in with the trend.

Q. Career highlights to date?

A. I have so many things I’m proud of and would love to share! In 2016 alone, I was the cover model for four magazines; I shot with celebrity photographer Antoine Verglas; was cast in a feature length film, and cast in a musical theatre production.

Q. Favourite hobbies?

A. Travelling is my favourite hobby. I also love shooting with different photographers and coming up with different shoot concepts. Riding on the back of a Harley is also one of my favourite hobbies.

Q. Favourite music?

A. My favourite music is rock and roll from the early years, up until about the early 90s - bands such as AC/DC, Guns and Roses, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles. I also enjoy listening to classic country such as Patsy Cline, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson.

Q. Beauty tips?

A. I think the best beauty tip for any girl is not to use too much make-up. Lately, I have seen a lot of girls over-doing it. Also, wear sunscreen - that is the most important way to keep you skin looking youthful!

Q. What is your fashion sense?

A. I’m definitely the kind of girl that likes to get dressed up when I go out. I like high heels, leather & lace.

Q. What do you feel sexiest wearing?

A. Tight jeans and high heels.

Q. Advice for young girls aspiring to be models?

A. One thing that I absolutely recommend to any new model, and I can say this from personal experience, is to never give in to doing something you are not 100% comfortable with. Always stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone else try and define you or your career.

Q. What's the craziest thing that you've done?

A. I made out on the hood of a car with a girl; in the middle of a field.

Q. What's the funniest pick up line you've encountered?

A. If God made anything more beautiful than you, I’m sure he’s kept it more to himself.

Q. Favourite place visited?

A. Arizona

Q. Do you have a role model/s?

A. There are many classy and sexy women in the industry I look up to - both past and present. To name a few, Cindy Crawford, Farrah Fawcett, Ruby Rose, Jane Russell, Betty Page, Miranda Kerr, and Alessandra Ambrosio

Q. People you've admired generally?

A. I generally admire anyone that gives 100% in their job, no matter what that is. Whether it is an actor, nurse, musician, teacher, or even a trash man.

Q. Are there any issues that you feel strongly about and would like to briefly discuss?

A. Well, there are several issues I feel strongly about and would love to discuss more than briefly, but one of the more significant of those is child abuse and child trafficking. I think people put the significance of the matter in the back of their minds because of how traumatic it sounds… but it is a reality and think it needs to be a priority to our judicial systems.

Q. Future ambitions?

A. My future ambitions are to evolve my acting and theatre career. In 2017 I hope to be cast in another film, and hopefully get into TV.

Further Information

Measurements 32 - 25 - 35