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:: Spotlight :: Model Profile - Kimberley Jade

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

1. What is your family background? I have Japanese and French that I am mixed with. We have been here in the United States from many generations before me, not so sure how far some of goes back. I love my family and I would not change anything for the world! I was raised by an amazing family! They are number 1 in my heart and always will be!

2. Did you grow up in your early teens wanting to be a model? I would say later teens is when I started. In my early teens I was involved in performing arts and chorus groups

3. What have you discovered / learnt from the modelling scene? It can definitely be a crazy competitive world. You don't know who you can trust at all or who will end up being a true friend. So many people out there will ride your coat tails, learn or achieve what they have to and move on to the next person. I do believe 100% that karma always comes back to you though. So always try to be kind and love the beauty in each other!!

4. Career highlights to date? I have been in many magazines, travel so many places and placed well in many competitions. I have also been a brand ambassador for multiple companies!

5. Favourite hobbies? I love to be outdoors! Relaxing by the pool, gardening, boating, fishing etc.

6. Favourite music? I like everything. I'm not particular to just one type of music.

7. Favourite films? I've always loved Pretty Woman and all the old Shirley Temple movies I used to watch when I was growing up.

8. What is your fashion sense? Haha I really don't have one! I love workout cloths because they are comfortable! I honestly spend most of my time in them. I would rather do something than have a brand new wardrobe in my closet at all times.

9. Beauty tips? Take care of your skin! Wear sunscreen and don't sleep in your makeup.

10. Advice for young girls aspiring to be models? Never give up, just because you aren't like someone else or aren't as big as someone else doesn't mean you can't achieve your goals… Everyone has different situations. If you don't feel comfortable doing something, then don't do it!

11. Do you think a man should treat a woman like he does his car?
Well it depends on how they treat their car…. If they don't treat it right than no, but if they take care of it, cherish it and treat it with respect and love than yes!!

12. Favourite place visited? I love them all! Each one was different.

13. Do you have a role model/s?
My mother is a huge inspiration in my life. She did so much as a single mother and still to this day is more than I could ever ask for in a mom.

14. People you've admired generally? Anyone who gets out there and works hard, uses not just looks but everything they have to achieve what they want is respected in my book!

15. Are there any issues that you feel strongly about and would like to briefly discuss? No not really! I try not to talk politics and world issues to much. Sometimes it's to negative for me.

16. Future ambitions?
I want to travel the world and see everything I can! I want to continue modeling for as long as I can, maybe even get into television more. As soon as finish my Nursing degree, I will start working on my business degree as long as life doesn’t take me in a different direction for the better.

Kimberley Jade