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:: Spotlight :: Model Profile - Mila Rose

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Mila Rose is a model from Chicago. Her striking looks make her a sought after model. She is also a mother of one child and actively promotes herself on social media. She is a young lady of few words but she very determined to get the best out of herself within the fashion industry and you'll be able to see that action speaks louder than words.


Q. What is your family background?

A. Mexican

Q. Did you grow up in your early teens wanting to be a model?

A. First I was really into the whole pageant world, tried it and found out it wasn't for me.

Q. What have you discovered / learnt from the modelling scene?

A. Some people you meet will impact your life in ways you never thought were possible, and then there's the not so friendly unprofessional people you might run into.

Q. Career highlights to date?

A. SXY magazine and recently teamed up with Alpha Attire.

Q. Favourite hobbies?

A. Shopping, gym, playing with kids, and doing make-up

Q. Favourite music?

A. R&B, hip hop

Q. Favourite films?

A. Sandlot

Q. What is your fashion sense?

A. Wear what I like. My mom always told me to look my best when I'm out. You never know who you might run into.

Q. Beauty tips?

A. Wash your face!

Q. Advice for young girls aspiring to be models?

A. Be 110% sure it's what you want to do. It's an amazing industry that also comes with hard judging. Just remember you can't please everyone.

Q. Do you think a man should treat a woman like he does his car?

A. If he takes great care of his car then yes, but the girl should never be compared to the love a guy gives his car.

Q. Favourite place visited?

A. Miami

Q. Do you have a role model/s?

A. My mother

Q. People you've admired generally?

A. Megan Fox, Mila Kunis and Miley Cyrus

Q. Are there any issues that you feel strongly about and would like to briefly discuss?

A. I know there's so many messed up things going on in the world, but one thing that really gets to me is child abuse.

Q. Future ambitions?

A. I am along for the ride in this industry wherever it takes me. I'm happy with it and excited for the new opportunities to come and awesome people I'll meet.

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