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:: Spotlight :: Model Profile - Morgan Creber

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

One of the most unique and highly attractive models we've come across recently is Morgan Creber. The 20-year-old Australian model is determined to succeed as a top line fashion model. She is looking for every opportunity to further her own development and the signs are all positive as Morgan begins to build a strong career. It's a great pleasure to feature her in our profile series for 2015.

Height: 5' 7"
Measurements: 34-24-35
Shoes: 8
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

Q. What is your family background?

A. I grew up in rural south-west Queensland, Australia on cattle properties with my family until graduation and then traveled the world. I have a large family consisting of four brothers, myself as the only girl and my parents. Growing up we had every kind of farm and native animal you can imagine! Although we lived an hour away from town, my parents made sure we were able to participate in sports and music programs in between cattle/property work. After graduation I travelled around Europe then moved to Canada, which is where my mother is from, to start my modelling career.

Q. Did you grow up in your early teens wanting to be a model?

A. Yes! Its all I wanted to do when I grew up! My older cousin was an International Model and I wanted nothing more than to be just like her. I started modelling at the age of 12 for Australia’s Leading Child Modelling Agency, Brats models, but didn't really launch my career until I was in Canada quite a few years later.

Q. What have you discovered / learnt from the modelling scene?

A. I've learnt quite a lot from the modelling scene; making some fantastic friends and working with some very talented Photographers, Make-up Artists and Hairdressers. However one of my most important lessons would definitely have to be that there will always be people that put you down, be critical and sometimes quite hurtful no matter what you do. But that's what makes you stronger if you stay true to yourself! You have to keep going to prove them wrong. The modelling scene can be very judgmental but you just have to look past it all and do what makes you happy.

Q. Career highlights to date

A. In 2014 I was featured in the Luxe Magazine by Calgary Bride, attended the DilWalk Foundation's DILGala as a runway model for Fashion designer Aman Dhalay (JAVEDA) and featured in a local jeweller's webpage (Ashleigh Moore Jewellery), as well as other promotional work throughout the year such as being a Hair model for REDKEN.

Q. Favourite hobbies?

A. My favourite hobbies would have to be my job during the week as a firefighter and motorbike riding/playing in the mud on the weekend! My family thinks I'm “crazy with no fear”. If there is a time away from being a girly model I take it.

Q. Favourite music?

A. I couldn't tell you. I have so many different styles on my iPod it's insane! I have always said, “ There is no such thing as a bad genre, only bad songs”.

Q. Favourite films?

A. I am such a suck for romantic movies and I'm a kid at heart who loves Disney. Yes, I'm the kind of girl who cries in the Lion King, but in saying that I do like a lot of different films. For a while my favourite film was Guardians of the Galaxy.

Q. What is your fashion sense?

A. How do I even begin? It changes ever so slightly depending on where I am and the current fashion that is going around, but overall I would consider my fashion sense to be kind of Hipster-ish. More often then not I would be wearing the colour red even red lipstick and I'm obsessed with boots. Simply cant have enough boots.

Q. Beauty tips?

A. One word, coconut. Coconut oil works for everything! It's great for healthier hair, smooths out your skin, “it even whitens your teeth!!” (according to my mother). I would highly recommend it for everything.

Q. Advice for young girls aspiring to be models?

A. My advice for young aspiring models would have to be, make sure you have the right attitude for the job. Attitude is everything and you will get more jobs being friendly, professional and working hard. Attitude and personality can get you far! Keep your head up and always smile!

Q. Do you think a man should treat a woman like he does his car?

A. A car is an object and doesn't have feelings, so I would surely hope a man would be more loving and caring to a woman than the car.

Q. Favourite place visited?

A. I've been travelling since the age of 16 and I can honestly say every place has been amazing and memorable! Europe, Canada, America, Australia, love them all.

Q. Do you have a role model/s?

A. I am the only girl in my family of four brothers and I've gotta say I was definitely a Daddy's girl. He has been through so much and, while struggling, he still supports our big family. He taught me how to love and how to be strong. He is my role model and hero.

Q. People you've admired generally?

A. Some people I have admired throughout my career of modelling would have to be Miranda Kerr, my Canadian friend Alanna Pearson (who helped me with my modelling career and is also a model), And a big one would have to be my family.

Q. Future ambitions?

A. My future ambitions include more travel with my modelling - getting paid to travel, who wouldn't love that dream job - and to continue with fire fighting.

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