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:: Spotlight :: Model Profile - Sharnie Rudd

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Sharnie Rudd came to our attention recently as a national finalist in both the Miss Grand International and Miss Supranational Australia events. It has been an exciting time for the Brisbane beauty as her modelling assignments grow rapidly and her experience in participating in these two pageants has taken her personal development to a new level.

Sharnie has only recently focused on modelling and already has achieved much, with the promise of bigger things ahead. She has competed in competitions and taken part in several photo shoots in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Her modelling achievements include:June 2016 cover girl for Australian Swimsuit Edition Magazine, Face of Origin 2016 1st runner up at Pub Mooloolaba, Beachmere Bikini Babes 2016 2nd runner up, and Australian Swimsuit Calendar 2016 4th and crowd favourite.

We can certainly see the potential that Sharnie displays and her ambition is to take her modelling career as far as it can go. You will see from this profile that it will only be a matter of time before Sharnie shakes up the modelling scene on a wider scale.

Q & A

Q. What is your family background?

A. I come from a full Australian background, with both my parents and grandparents being born in Australia.

Q. Did you grow up in your early teens wanting to be a model?

A. I remember from an early age I used to love watching the runway models on television. But I never thought of that as a job. Once I hit my teens it was always in the back of my head but I didn't really take it seriously until I left school.

Q. What have you discovered / learnt from the modelling scene?

A. Don't be afraid to ask someone for help whether that be at a shoot or backstage. Most women are willing to help and give advice. As the saying goes, “there's no harm in asking”.

Q. Career highlights to date?

A. Definitely being the Cover girl for Australian Swimsuit Edition July 2016 edition was a big career highlight, and also being accepted into the National Final for Miss Grand Australia and Miss Supranational Australia this year.

Q. Favourite hobbies?

A. I love to horse ride and have been competitively riding now for about five years. I also love anything outdoors including playing sports, four wheel driving, camping and fishing.

Q. Favourite music?

A. Would have to be R&B and hip hop, but also a couple of old songs here and there.

Q. Favourite films?

A. I like a lot of action films and films that keep you guessing, but definitely no horror.

Q. Beauty tips?

A. No matter where I'm going or what I'm doing, I always apply moisturiser as soon as I wake up, after I wash my face and also before I go to bed.

Q. What is your fashion sense?

A. Would probably have to be convenient and comfortable, usually shorts and a shirt. But I love to dress up in something nice every once and a while.

Q. What do you feel sexiest wearing?

A. I feel sexiest whenever I'm in a pair of heels.

Q. Advice for young girls aspiring to be models?

A. Get out there and give it a go; you never know who will notice you and what offers you may get! Just go for it.

Q. What's the craziest thing that you've done?

A. The only thing I can think of that is crazy and probably a bit silly is after having a horse crush me, getting back on and riding within a week. Probably should have listened to my doctor.

Q. What's the funniest pick up line you've encountered?

A. Honestly I can't remember. They all start sounding the same after a while.

Q. Favourite place visited?

A. Any place that gets me closer to either the bush or the beach. I love tranquil spots.

Q. Do you have a role model/s?

A. I don't really have any role models. I've always tried to be a role model myself.

Q. People you've admired generally?

A. I‘ve admired people who are willing to give something a go, not worrying about others’ opinions; those who don't follow the crowd and show their individuality.

Q. Are there any issues that you feel strongly about and would like to briefly discuss?

A. Global warming. I know it's the cliche thing to talk about but I really think it's a big issue. If we don't start making changes about what impact we're having on our planet we'll be too late. It's been happening and it is happening. We can all do something small to help change the future of our planet and all those living on it.

Q. Future ambitions?

A. I would love to travel the world whether that be modelling or just to experience different cultures. I'm really excited to see what the future holds!

Social Media

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Eyes - Blue
Hair - Blonde
Height - 175cm
Weight - 60kg
Bust - 96cm
Waist - 71cm
Hips - 83cm
Dress size - 10
Show size - 9