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:: Spotlight :: Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2004 - Rising Sun Designers and Models at Federation Square

By: Shane Diprose

The Flowerhouse at Federation Square hosted a fashion parade for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, which gave several young creative designers an opportunity to show their skills, under the banner of Rising Sun Designers and Models.

Arabella Ramsay
Arabella Ramsay Belinda Fairbanks
Belinda Fairbanks RAPA jeans
Bowie top RAPA jeans
Lucy Hinckfuss bathers RAPA shorts Lucy Hinckfuss tee RAPA skirt
Lucy Hinckfuss pants Arabella Ramsay top Lucy Hinckfuss
Lucy Hinckfuss
Lulatsch dress RAPA skirt Marostica
Marostica Marostica pants Belinda Fairbanks singlet
RAPA shorts Belinda Fairbanks singlet Roger Grinstead