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:: Spotlight :: Paige Premium Denim

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Paige Adams Geller (above) had established a name for herself as the most-requested fit model for the most popular jeans brands. After a decade of such experience, she has established her name again - as the person behind the brand name Paige Premium Denim.

Paige Premium Denim debuted in early 2005, representing Paige’s innovative thinking behind how jeans should look on people of various body shapes. Paige stated, "Most of us weren't blessed with perfect genes. But we've brought in the next best thing: perfect jeans. Paige Premium Denim will fit customers comfortably - taking note of the size of your legs, hips and thighs.”

There is a strong commitment to detail and high quality. While this may seem like a big ask, Paige has been an above-average performer in whatever she’s done. By her 22nd birthday, she had graduated from the University of Southern California; won the Miss California Crown; competed in the Miss America Pageant; and established a modelling career. It was the pressure of being at a certain size that took Paige to an unhealthy state. Paige was treated for anorexia nervosa. After recovering physically, she resumed work and was booked as the fit model for a jeans manufacturer. During the fit sessions, Paige's proportions were met with appreciation and she was lauded as “the perfect body for jeans fitting.” This confidence had a huge effect on her outlook and self-esteem. She said, “It enabled me to maintain healthy eating habits and feel confident about my body.” She gained experience and knowledge in the industry, and her denim clients began valuing her opinion. It also gave Paige a new ambition.

Consequently, Paige focused her attention into the business aspects of jeans manufacturing, and from here began Paige Premium Denim. She assembled a team of creative collaborators, designers and investors.

The response has surprised her. Typical discussions between Paige and consumers always focus on the fit. She mentioned that customers would say “Finally we have women designing for women, to which Paige reacted that the comments “were a really big surprise for me. I didn't have to try so hard to be different. I had to try hard to be better.

It’s interesting to absorb Paige’s thoughts on her time as a model and seemingly with the world at her feet. “When I became a model at the age of 15 I was slim, I had won Miss California, but the moment I signed with an agent I was told to lose the weight. There is no way that a girl over seven and a half stone will get cast on the catwalk. I used to eat one rice cake a day to stay that way. And this meant I never menstruated.”

Designers and the use of thin models have become a big talking point throughout 2006, to which Paige commented that it’s an odd, somewhat ridiculous feeling to see potential buyers – women in their 30s and 40s – being shown clothes on 16-year-olds. “I find it hard to find models for my magazine that are over 30 and still working. It is almost impossible to find a model that is a size 12. Let’s face it, being thin when you are over 40 is a lot of hard work, and it is a shame there is nothing on the catwalk or in magazines to reflect that."

She relates to the purpose of her brand. “I mostly worked for male designers and I felt that there was a niche that was missing. I really wanted to approach designing for women’s bodies. I felt that was something that no one else had really embraced. In the denim world there were really no brands that had a person that you could emotionally connect with and so I really liked the idea of giving a face to my brand."

Paige talks with excitement and enthusiasm about the recent line and her plans for the future. I loved our Fall range. We did a lot of dark denim, grey, black, and coloured denim and espresso denim. It’s really fun to be able to still have these very clean sophisticated jeans and have these great dark washes. I’ve also introduced a couple of new body shapes. It’s all about silhouettes, and really making sure that you wear a silhouette that looks good on your body. I also started a knit line with knit tops and cute going out tops, and sweat suits. The knit line comes out in department stores and specialty boutiques starting in early January. There is also something for pregnant women in terms of giving them comfort and style, and also the situation with tall women as opposed to tiny women. Paige Premium Denim adapts to the various needs.

In summary, Paige Adams Geller is thankful for the great support she’s had since the introduction of Paige Premium Denim. She appreciates whatever feedback is offered and she is simply excited to be able to design for everybody.

Pictures below:

1. Heather Locklear in Paige Premium jeans.
2. A pregnant Brooke Burke in Paige Premium Denim

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