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:: Spotlight :: QOTAU (Queens of the Amazon Underworld)

By: guest reporter Leesa Fogarty

The one thing constant about fashion is change, and up and coming Bondi based designer Mary Paul is leading with way with the hottest jackets and knickerbockers this season. This month, Mediasearch caught up with Mary Paul to talk to her about her latest collection under the banner of Queens Of The Amazon Underworld (QOTAU).

Stepping into Mary’s luxurious home, one can see from her very surrounds that she combines cultural influences with the surreal. Mary has spent her life exploring the increasing elasticity between Art, Fashion, Film, Photography and Design. QOTAU’s latest collection encapsulates punk/geisha/spiritual warrior on the outside and a rock and roll fantasy pin-up on the inside.

Mary’s biography reads like a scene out of a Quentin Tarentino flick: chauffeur driver of classic American cars, owner of funky cafe by day/cocktail bar by night and punk band singer, drag king, actress, artist and enormously talented graphic designer now turns fashion designer. Having lived and traveled all over the world as a graphic designer, Mary has the benefit of sourcing her ideas from a vibrant image bank, stored from years of witnessing the most unexpected. Is it no wonder her garments scream “opulence”!

Renowned for eclectic and provocative imagery, QOTAU gives soft leathers, lethal, sexy silhouettes this season to masterfully structured jackets and knickerbockers. Moody charcoals, deep magentas, winter whites, emerald and caramel leathers born from the underground are designed for the global brave and self-expressive.

“I love the female form – the proportion and the essence. I am passionate and devoted to supporting the natural metamorphosis and abundance of all design, people, places and things through QOTAU and the anarchy of a curious child,” says Mary.

QOTAU can be found in Holey Moley, Newtown and is seen only on the Parisian set’s coolest crew. QOTAU will be seen on the runway of Sarajevo Fashion Week and Mallorca Fashion Week later this year.

So there you have it! Artist turns fashion designer. Keep your eyes on Mary Paul. She is hot and she is talented. Not only that - she is Australian and she is going places.

For stockist enquiries: Raw Fashion Agency, New South Wales (02) 9690 0035; Jon Laing Agency in Victoria (03) 9682 2775.