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:: Spotlight :: Redken Future Colour Competition

By: Christina Giuffre


Young upcoming hairdressers now have the opportunity to live their dream through the Redken Future Colour competition. Redken 5th Avenue NYC is a leading haircare brand in the hairdressing industry and for the second year in a row, is giving these young hairdressers the chance to reach for the stars with the Redken Future Colour Competition. The competition is a national initiative to provide young, creative and cutting edge colourists the chance to work on an international stage. Specifically tailored for emerging talent, the Redken Future Colour Competition aims to launch young artists into a career as a top creative colourist.

The theme for 2008 is JEWEL INFUSION, which stems from the return of Art Deco with jewels, gemstones and colour influencing everything from jewellery to textiles.Young creative minds must identify new trends and infuse various colours together to create new shades and the ‘jewel’ effect. 450 bright young hairdressers entered the competition that will see one of them jet off to New York for 5 nights and experience a day with New York based Australian success story Rodney Cutler. The major prize also includes a master class with Australian session stylist Kenneth Stoddart for a photo shoot in trade must have ‘Culture Year Book’.

The 2008 judging panel was handpicked and consists of the industry’s stand outs including; Jayne Wild, from Wildlife Hair who is the 2008 Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year; Redken Artistic Director Adam Browne from Global Hair; Monique White from Vogue Nationale; Tracey Hughes from Mieka Hairdressing; and Kenneth Stoddart. The judging panel selected six finalists on Monday, July 14 and they will participate in the Live Final hosted by MTV’s Ruby Rose on Sunday, August 31 where the National Winner will be announced.

Interview with Redken Future Colour Competition finalist Nathan Weymouth from Salon M

How did you first get into hair design?

When I finished year 12, I was living in Mt Barker and I had a true passion for fashion and hair, so I popped my resume into my favourite salon there. I spent the next 6 months learning hairdressing at the salon but then I realized that to really go somewhere in the industry I needed to come to Melbourne, so I moved.

Why do you want to be a hairdresser?

I love the fashion industry so much and when I was younger I used to flick through the Italian and UK Vogue checking out all the latest hairstyles. I just knew that was what I wanted to do one day. I want to be able to express myself and my style on a larger scale. I also get a buzz out of seeing my clients walk out of the salon with a big smile on their face because they are happy with their new style.

What differentiates you from other stylists?

I have an individuality and uniqueness in my style. I’m big on session styles and have an enthusiasm for the latest trends coming from the catwalk. I’m also all about making people feel good about themselves.

How would you describe your personal style?

Glamorous! I love doing glamour hair- the bigger the better but I also like doing natural work as well, which can
be very elegant and understated.

What achievements do you have under your belt so far?

I was very fortunate in that when I started working for this salon, my boss worked for Schwarzkopf and, as a result, I got to do a lot of work with Mercedes fashion week. I also got to help out with Schwarzkopf hair shows. Our salon then switched to Redken, and I got the opportunity to work at L’Oreal Fashion Week with labels such as Peter Alexander and Oroton which was very interesting. At my trade school I was nominated as the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ for 2005 which I won and as a result I was also nominated for the ‘Australian Apprentice of the Year’. A major achievement for me was putting on my own hair show this year, with 30 models. It was a salon show but was basically my personal project. I organized everything from the location, food and guests to the models and hair. I was very happy with the hair show as there was a good turn out, everything ran smoothly and I got a lot of positive feedback.

What are your goals for your hairdressing career?

I would like to get a bit more experience at Salon M but ultimately in the next 5 years I see myself in New York. I’m a very big fan of Jessica Simpson’s Stylist Ken Paves and I aim to be a stylist to the stars. This is driving me to learn and expand more.

Who is your role model or the person who has been most influential on your career and why?

I work with a guy called Paul Whitehead, who used to own a salon on Chapel St in the 70s and has over 45 years experience in the industry. I look up to him and there is not a day that goes by that if I ask him a question he isn’t willing to share his knowledge or help me in some way. He’s done it all and he has a lot of contacts. He’s opened up so many doors for me and I think he is truly amazing!

Describe the profile and philosophy of Salon M in which you work?

I love Salon M because it has a comfortable and elegant feel to it. It’s not too overdone or retro- what you see is what you get. A lot of people that walk past tend to look in, as the salon doesn’t look like your typical salon. There is a large beautiful painting behind the counter and the whole place is very open, with a wall of mirrors on either side. A lot of other salons tend to feel cluttered and separated, with individual work stations and stacks of advertising. I love the big benches, mirrors and the way the clean white walls make the place feel crisp and fresh. The salon mirrors it’s philosophy of hair in that it is glamorous and understated.

Describe one of your most interesting/ memorable hairdressing experiences?

Definitely my hair show! To walk out at the end of the show surrounded by 30 beautiful models with the lights in my face, confetti falling everywhere and a crowd of hundreds in front of me is an experience I won’t forget soon. Everyone was clapping and people kept coming up to me telling me it was well done. I felt a sense of pride that at 23 years of age I put on a successful hair show.

What skills or traits should you look for in good hairdresser?

I believe that a good hairdresser should have good communication skills above all else. Any complications such as not getting the style right for the client, which lead to an unhappy customer, come down to the listening skills of the hairdresser. Good results cannot come from a hairdresser that doesn’t listen or communicate effectively. The hairdresser should also set an example as a role model for the apprentices within the salon, as this will impact on the overall quality of the styles coming from the particular salon.

What are some of the common mistakes people make when looking to change their hair style?

People with long hair want to cut it short, people with blonde hair want to become a brunette, people with dark hair want to go blonde - they always want to do the opposite. These dramatic spur of the moment changes can lead to an unwanted result that is too different from what they were really after and they regret it in the end.

How do you keep up with current trends?

I am constantly reading magazines, especially those from the UK and US who are miles in front in terms of trends and styles. Fashion TV on Foxtel is also another way to keep up with trends. I love watching the catwalks. Some of my friends turn it on and find it incredible boring but I could sit and watch it for days.

What are some of your ‘must have’ hair care tools and products?

Hairspray, Hairspray, Hairspray! It is your best friend. It is particularly useful for me because I often do big hairstyles that need hold. No. 23 is a great hairspray by Redken. No. 10 ‘Gutz’ is great for creating volume while No. 12 is perfect for creating the sleek straight style. I also like ‘Maneuver’ for men which is not too heavy but not too light. ‘Smooth down’ shampoo is my favourite shampoo in the Redken collection.

How did you come to enter this competition?

I actually entered the competition last year, which was a good learning experience as I found out more about what they are looking for and what to expect in the competition in general. I think the category last year didn’t really align with my personal style but when I heard the category this year I felt compelled to enter. I think I will keep entering until I win because I am really passionate about what I do.

Why do you want to meet Rodney Cutler?

My role model Paul Whitehead has worked with Rodney before and he has told me great things about him. It would be amazing to work with him and develop my styles and talents and ultimately he is doing what I would like to be doing in New York.

How will this experience change your life and impact on your career?

How would it change New York with me being there? [laughs] Seriously it would open new doors to me and as much as I flick through the mags nothing would compare to the experience of actually being there. It would also be great to meet people that have come from all over the world to work in New York so I could find out more about their unique styles.

What are your favourite celebrity hairstyles of all time?

Sarah Jessica Parker - I believe that big hair is beautiful no matter what anyone says and she has big beautiful hair. I also love Victoria Beckham she looks fabulous.

Who would you most like to make over and why?

Britney Spears - she needs help! She is changing between tragic, tacky blonde extensions to overly dark hair, which does not suit her. She needs to find some middle ground and appear more natural and understated. She is a pretty girl and needs to bring that beauty out with her hairstyle.

When you’re not busy styling hair what else are you doing?

I am a fitness guru, I enjoy running and participate in a lot of marathons. I frequent the gym and often do yoga. Every Sunday my close group of friends have a tradition where by we do yoga in the afternoon and then go out for dinner somewhere fabulous. Ultimately I live for hair!

Salon M
409 Malvern Rd, South Yarra
Phone: 03 9827 9959
Fax: 03 9827 9957
Finalist: Nathan Weymouth


Interview with Redken Future Colour Competition finalist Mia Nicholson from Biba

How did you first get into hair design?

I actually started off doing architecture and found that it was too structured. Hairdressing was a way that I could really be creative and there are so many different career paths on offer.

What differentiates you from other stylists?

I offer more than just creativity as I aim for the best in the overall hairdressing experience. I believe in effective communication with the client so that they get the style that really suits their attributes and personality.

How would you describe your personal style?

As a hairdresser I’m quite commercial with my styles as this is in demand but I try to add a little bit of edge. I take a direct approach in terms of consulting with my clients, as I am very big on service.

What achievements do you have under your belt so far?

Last year I was a nominee student of the year. Recently I have participated in Biba Soiree Nights and photo shoots and have also done my own photo shoots.

What are your goals for your hairdressing career?

Basically, to continue to learn and grow through training and education and to aim for the highest quality in everything that I do.

Who is your role model or the person who has been most influential on your career and why?

Marcello Guerresi (Biba Moonee Ponds Salon Manager) has been very influential on my career. I first met him in my early stages of hairdressing while training at the Biba Academy and he gave me my first break working weekends at the salon. He is always pushing me to do better. Even now he is still training me every week. I admire his dedication - he even comes in on his days off!

Describe the profile and philosophy of Biba?

Biba is at the forefront of hairdressing in terms of training and education. Staff are skilled and don’t take any shortcuts (mind the pun). Biba is also up with market trends and changes.

How do you keep up with current trends?

I read a lot of magazines and travel frequently. Hair expos are also great events to preview up-coming trends as well as seminars and training nights. Marcello (Biba) develops his own training nights and he will often give us insight into what looks are hot right now. Lately we have been doing a lot of short cuts with long fringes.

Describe one of your most interesting/ memorable hairdressing experiences?

As a hairdresser you need to experiment to learn, so the most memorable experience for me was when I chopped all my hair off for an edgy short style, which was completely different to my previous style of shoulder length hair!

What skills or traits should you look for in a good hairdresser?

Image or first impressions and the way you feel when you enter the salon is a great way to judge a hairdresser, provided you listen to your gut feelings. It is also important that the hairdresser has the appropriate training and experience within their field. There are some hairdressers out there who have been in their job for a long time and have not updated their training which means the customer gets an outdated style.

What are some of the common mistakes people make when looking to change their hairstyle?

Some people do not understand their hair texture. For example a person with curly hair that straightens it each day may want to get a super short cut without considering that they won’t be able to get the tongs in there to straighten it each day. This means that the style won’t look or sit how they want it to. You need to learn to love your hair’s texture and to work with what you’ve got to get a good style. Also a lot of people ask for a high fashion look that won’t particularly suit them. For example one client asked for the ‘Posh Bob’ made famous by Victoria Beckham which did not suit her face shape. When asking for a new style it is important to work with the hairdresser as they may know what will make you look a lot better even if you don’t.

What are some of your ‘must have’ hair care tools and products?

Redken has a great line of products which we stock at Biba. I particularly like the treatment products and they always sell really well. The Extreme Range is for really dry, damaged hair and works well on bleached blonde hair.

How did you come to enter this competition?

Our Redken rep first told me about the competition, which sounded like a great opportunity. From there my boss Marcello encouraged me to go with it. I then started to experiment with the colours and it all stemmed from there.

Why do you want to meet Rodney Cutler?

I would like to hear first hand how he got to the pinnacle of his career and learn how he continued to grow. At this stage I am very open to meeting anyone who I can learn from or who can inspire me to reach higher.

How will that experience change your life and impact on your career?

Anything can happen in New York! It would be one of those moments that are ‘Wow’ and really stick in your mind. It would be inspirational to meet people who started where I started and are now way up there, in their field.

What are your favourite celebrity hair styles of all time?

Mia Farrow - I heard that she cut her own hair and soon after Sassoon styled it as well. People like Twiggy are great in that they aren’t afraid to do shorter hairstyles and they look fabulous. I can personally relate to women with these styles, as my hair is very short.

Who would you most like to make over and why?

Marcello my boss, (laughs) because I think he’s been working too hard and hasn’t had the time for a haircut. I also think his sidees (sideburns) are in desperate need of colouring!

When you’re not busy styling hair what else are you doing?

When I’m not styling I’m out socialising but that’s not all that often because I work weekends and every day of my week seems to have some element of hairdressing included. For example on Tuesday nights I have training and on Wednesday nights I have photo shoot meetings.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I will probably still be working at Biba - by choice, as I feel that I am in a great environment at the moment. Everyone I’m working with at the salon is driven and motivated for top level quality in hairdressing which matches my own values. My boss is very supportive encouraging me to participate in training, travel and to enter competitions. Marcello is a great mentor for me and he is happy for me to better myself, often pushing me harder.

115 Puckle St Moonee Ponds VIC 3039
Finalist: Mia Nicholson
Phone: 03 9370 4500


**Pictures from the event**

Ruby Rose was the MC for the occasion visiting hair stylist Jo May provided a demonstration
winner Nathan Weymouth of Victoria