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:: Spotlight :: ReelFaces FRM launches

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Under the umbrella of FRM Model Management, a new agency, ReelFaces, has launched. It is a new commercial agency that strives to deliver the best quality talent for extras, featured extras and lead roles on television, feature film productions and print media. The new venture is the brainchild of FRM owner Stephen Bucknall who has wanted to create this outlet for some time. To implement the idea, he recruited well credentialled recruiter Luka Maich. Luka has represented talent for several years and knows the requirements in getting the best people to suit the particular needs. I spoke to both Stephen and Luka about the exciting plans for ReelFaces FRM.

Q. Why was ReelFaces FRM established?

Stephen. There is a great demand for commercial models in Melbourne. A lot of clients want people for movie extras, TV extras and lead featured roles. We therefore decided to open ReelFaces, as part of FRM, as we can source better looking people for these needs.

Q. Will there be much “cross over” between the this and the models division?

Stephen. Many models are “crossing over” into the different sphere. Many boys and girls, who are not suited to FRM's modelling requirements, can have an opportunity in ReelFaces, whilst good looking models in FRM can develop themselves further. We're drawing on both spheres. We've already seen good looking people in our modelling division being sought for film/television roles. We are integrating and adding to both divisions. We've already had talent working on features such as Mad Max 4, The Cup, and The Killer Elite, plus TV shows Underbelly and Rush.

Q. It must be an exciting time for FRM in general…

Stephen. Talent agencies are suffering as they haven't seen the big picture on what is happening out there. We have strengthened our modelling division with our African and Asian models who are sought after more and more. A perfect example is Ajak Deng who has just shot a worldwide campaign for Benetton, amongst other international jobs she's achieved. She will also be part of our ReelFaces, whenever the need arises for a Sudanese girl for a film role. That's where the integration can happen - a high fashion model can step into a small movie role. Overall, it's a great way to freshen up the business.

Q. What are you aiming for with ReelFaces?

Luka. In setting up ReelFaces I will aim to create opportunities for the beautiful talent in commercials and films, and the everyday people for extras. We're also aiming at print media. There will be two agencies under this division - Reel Extras and Reel Faces Commercial. Reel Extras will look for that everyday, common look, whilst ReelFaces Commercial is a bigger scale service for major film roles. We're very selective in who we take on. I've been in the business for several years and, through my connections in the industry, we're starting to get a lot of enquiries. Experience and character will play a big part and it's open to all ages. As long as the Australian dollar is weak, there will be more filming opportunities likely in Victoria.

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